Monday, February 19, 2018

Blue and White

Have you been listening to the decor podcast, Decorating Tips and Tricks? Three well-known decorating bloggers started this interesting and entertaining podcast last year.  Kelly (My Soulful Home), Anita (Cedar Hill Farmhouse) and Yvonne (Stonegable) share lots of decorating advice and suggestions three times a week.  One of the topics last week was decorating with blue and white and I was so happy to hear it as I had just redecorating our great room with these two colors!!
I've kept things pretty simple but I like the end result.
We used family pieces along side newer acquisitions.  The ginger jars are from Marshall's but these pieces are family heirlooms -

an old pitcher from my husband's grandmother,
Wedgwood Countryside plate from my mother's dinnerware, and
a honey dish my husband found broken when he was a child.  His mother glued it back together and has used it to store various 'trinkets' and coins for years.
My new Kirkland's bowl holds blue and white ceramic balls.

Although these aren't in the great room, I thought I'd share some of J's Grandmother Lockie's dishes.  They, too, are white and blue. (The tea set I shared last week is above.)
My grandmother, Maggie, also had white dishes with small blue flowers.
The story goes she had her wedding china choice marked in a catalog but her brothers misread her notes and ordered a set with blue flowers.  She really wanted a set with pink flowers.  Returns weren't so easy in those days (she was married in 1905) and she ended up keeping and using those dishes.  I guess she was right on trend, even thought she may not have really appreciated it!  LOL!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Antiquing For My Birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday and my wonderful husband took me to Hannibal, Missouri to eat and do a little antique shopping.  I really didn't have anything in mind.  It was just nice to spend a relaxing afternoon together looking through old shops and reminiscing.

We did find two little treasures we brought home.  The first I found at our first stop.  Five little cups and saucers in a bright blue and orange luster ware pattern were sitting right at the front of the shop.  These little gems caught my eye the moment I walked in the door!
It just so happens that many years ago, my mother was gifted a tea set very similar to these by two older friends of an aunt.  Mother never used them but they held a special place in her heart.  I've seen a few variations of this pattern over the years and when I came across these little cups and saucers, I couldn't resist.  (Plus they were half price!)
When I got home and compared them to the original set, I noticed there is a difference but think they go well together.  I also noticed I'm missing the sugar bowl and another cup.  Well, the search will continue!!

Here are some photos of the set in the kitchen and in their new home, Granny Clark's pie safe.  We've set it up in our bedroom and I enjoy seeing my family treasures there.
Mother's set has a teapot, creamer, six small plates, six saucers and five cups.  Each have blue exteriors and orange insides.  They are labeled "Made in Japan."
My new pieces have the same blue and orange colors but the exterior shows both colors while the interior is an iridescent white.
The second treasure we found was one we both loved the moment we saw it.  The proprietor said it was Phoenix Glass and probably made sometime in the 1980's.
It has a lovely iridescent sheen and I knew exactly where I'd like to display it.  We didn't buy it right then but came back later in the afternoon.  Nothing came close to it in our hearts.  It's so nice to choose something special together.  Not only do we have a beautiful piece of art glass for our home but we also have a special memory of our day together!
It sit on one of our shelves in the great room near my grandmother's molasses jar.  Two Peter's Pottery pitchers are displayed on the shelf below.  They were gifts last year from our two kids.  These pitchers are wonderful for keeping beverages cool!

We had a fun time antiquing together but an ice storm cut our celebrating a bit short.  After spending the day, we headed back home with our treasures and happy memories.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Quilt of Valor and a Sign

The last week has been a busy one finishing up a project for a group in which I volunteer.

Our local DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) chapter has been working on completing a Quilt of Valor for a local veteran. Last summer, I pieced this Dutch Pinwheel top and this past fall and winter, several other ladies have been busy quilting it. I just finished binding it today and it's ready to be presented.
The Quilt of Valor Foundation was started in 2003 as of way of honoring veterans.  Its mission is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.  There are specific requirements but they are easy to follow, if you do a little quilting.  You can find out more about this program HERE.
After looking at lots of patriotic quilts on Pinterest, I happened upon this Dutch Pinwheel and thought it looked interesting and easy to put together. The blocks are made of up half square triangles arranged in such a way to create the pattern. Sashing between the blocks helps set them off nicely. The ladies quilted the interior of each triangle and used a simple rope pattern in the sashing and border.
We used a dark blue fabric for the backing so the quilt is pretty on the front and the back.  The fabric in the binding is the same pattern as the back but in white.
We hope our honored veteran enjoys using this special gift!

Friday, Precious Daughter took me to a fun painting party.  I made the plaque displayed on the shelf above the chair!  It's made using a stencil and was so easy, even I could do it!  
Some of the other participants framed their signs so they could be hung on a wall or used as a coffee table tray.  The lady who hosted the party does all of the wood working and stencil cutting herself.  She's actually a trained nurse who has four children under 6 and wanted to stay home.  Now she teaches these classes and has an etsy shop.  You can find her HERE.  
 I hope you are finding something creative to do!  It sure helps the long cold winter days go by faster.  
Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Friday Favorites

We've had lots of people over to our new home this past year and most all ask what are the things we love the most and what is something we would have done differently.  To be truthful, we could not be happier with our decisions and choices, and for that we are VERY thankful!  I feel so blessed to live in a home designed just for us but all of the decisions were based on lots of input from family, friends, Pinterest and the many decorating blogs I read.
I thought I'd dedicate a post every couple of weeks to the things we like best in our new home and why they work for us.
I would say my favorite room is our kitchen/dining room.  When we first sat down with our architect, he asked how we wanted to feel in each space.  My vision for the kitchen/dining room was to be light and airy. I also wanted the two rooms combined.  We would use our old dining room furniture so he worked their size into the design.
The nine foot ceilings and transom windows help to make this a bright, cheery space.  The cabinet color also helps to keep the space light.  Our cabinet maker used a commercial grade paint and it didn't have a name, just a color number.  When compared to the white trim used elsewhere in the house, it has a little bit of grey in it.  I didn't want a bright white for the cabinets, just something softer.  I am also pleased with how they look with the wood floors and our existing dining room furniture.
We've had lots of discussions about the counter tops.  We chose quartz and I've been so pleased with the two different colors.  Several family members have granite and others have solid surface and each love their choices. This was a hard one.  There are many different options and in the end, you have to decide how you cook and what will be the best for that. I'm pretty messy and wanted a surface that was low-maintenance and durable.  We set our budget and did a lot of looking around but I am so happy with my Silestone! It's easy to clean and has held up well with multiple spills and messes. I cook a lot and can veggies from the garden so the island size and built-in deep sink have come in handy.

Another thing I love about our kitchen that I'll share this time are the pull-out drawers.  Whoever thought of these should be a billionaire!  (I know it's tacky to show the inside of your drawers but... this is truly how they look EVERYDAY!  In our old house, my 'tupperware' space was a lower corner cabinet.  It was large and my stuff got lost in there!  Many times, I would be on my hands and knees looking for a lid to an orphaned container.  NO MORE!  Here they all are!  And I'm not crawling around after dinner looking for anything!!
 The wide space allows me to keep everything where they can easily be found.
 The little cut-out in the drawer below accommodates the gas fixture for the stove.
Several heavy pots and pans are stored here and in another pullout shelf in the island.
Don't judge me!  I LOVE these Ware Ever pots!  The skillets are newer but I just couldn't part with my old friends!!
Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be sharing our "favorites" every couple of weeks.  My hope is these posts will be helpful to anyone remodeling or building a new home.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Christmas Hello

I'm popping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

After celebrating for several days, I've decided to sit down and spend sometime on my blog.  It's been so long since I posted last, I wondered if I still knew how.  Even though my posts have been sparse, I've enjoyed visiting you all and reading what you've been up to.  Hopefully 2018 will be less busy and my blog will receive a lot more attention.

I wanted to share a table I set for our 'grown up' children's Christmas dinner last night.  I've set lots of tables this year in our new home but rarely take the time to photograph them.  This time, I was ready a little early and thought about taking a few shots.

I went with a silver, gold and white theme.  It's simple but was fun and easy to create and I think everyone enjoyed my efforts!
We have hosted my side of the family on Christmas Day for a long time.  This year there were over 30!  We moved the furniture around so I could set up enough tables for everyone. (Notice the cheater fireplace. Lol)
What fun we had!!

J's side of the family celebrated Christmas Eve and we  had a visit by a VERY special fellow.  

The Folta Family wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and 
a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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