Friday, October 7, 2016

The Countertops Are In!

They finally arrived!!  Our Silestone quartz countertops have been installed in our new kitchen and I couldn't be more pleased with them!  

The perimeter is a marble-looking 'Alabaster' and the island is a dark gray with veining 'Calypso'.
The workmen arrived early Wednesday morning and had the whole job completed in less than two hours.  There was only one seam and they used this contraption to seal it together.
Here are several shots I took tonight.  I've already started filling some of the cabinets.  :)
The great room is off one side of the kitchen/dining area.
You can see the grilling patio through the doorway.  J will be doing a lot of cooking out there so I need easy access for him!

Now if I can just get the washer and dryer out of the dining room!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  It's been a long process but each day we're getting a bit closer.  

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Slow and Steady!

We've been making slow and steady progress on the new house.  I've been lax on posting these updates but I've been a bit busy trying to sell our current home, packing, moving boxes, attending Precious Daughter's showers and keeping up with the rest of our lives.  

Truth be told, the adding of trim and baseboard wasn't too exciting.

Now that those are finished, the last coats of paint are being added and we are expecting the counter tops to be installed 
the middle of this next week!

I do have some photos to share.

The concrete flat work for the patio and grilling porch was finished.
We chose to 'stamp' it in a stone pattern for texture.  
We are pleased with the look.

So is Sallie!
The hearth for the exterior fireplace was completed.  Our bricklayers were wonderful to work with!
J will add a pine mantle for now.  We may add a stone mantle later that matches the stone on the house.  For now though, he would like to use an old pine beam he found in one of the barns on his grandfather's farm.  

A side from all of the trim work, our carpenters finished the huge wall unit in the great room.  This was quite an undertaking but I love it!
The doors to the bottom cabinets are sitting on the box and the whole thing will be painted white.  The television will go in the center.  It really turned out larger than I had imagined but is in proportion to the room 
and will give me so much storage!!

The plantation shutters for the front windows and furniture for the great room have been ordered.  They should all be here by the end of October.

We plan to work slowly and carefully the week of Precious Daughter's wedding as to not be too sore to enjoy this special event.

But after that, it will be full cleaning mode for me!  
I would like for us to be all settled before Thanksgiving.

Thanks for visiting!  


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Friday, September 30, 2016

Late Summer Showers

Our Precious Daughter will be marrying her Handsome Beau in just a few short weeks!  We are so excited for the both of them!!
This summer has been very busy for them and especially for our daughter.  She finished up her doctoral program in Plant Science and defended her dissertation the first of July.  By the end of that month, she was offered a position as a scientist at an agriculture company in our area.  She's been finishing up wedding plans, preparing her house to sell, starting her new job and looking for a new home.  Her hubby-to-be has been wonderfully supportive and helpful and quite busy himself.  They will be married in the same city where she attended college.  He continues to live there for now.  He is in agriculture chemical sales and his area encompasses both the city in which he lives and our area. 

Even though she's been extremely busy, she has taken a few moments to celebrate.  She's been the guest of honor at two wedding showers.  One in St. Louis, MO. and one in Collierville, TN.  I wanted to share some photos from each.
The STL shower was hosted by my sister and cousin at a beautiful country club.  
It was just family and the bridesmaids who were in town.  (She will be having 6 attendants!)

The second shower was in Collierville, TN this past weekend.  There were many friends and relatives in attendance and was hosted in the lovely home of a good friend of the Mother-in-Law-To-Be.  We were glad that Grandma could make the trip with us!
Precious Daughter with her MIL-to-be and Almost Aunt
A quick selfie with Mom.

The Bride with both of her moms!
I think this lady feels pretty special after being SHOWERED with so much love and 
so many lovely gifts.
  We are all wishing these two MANY years of happiness!

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Little Drama and a Whole Lot of Progress

These last two weeks have been eventful and a bit stressful but we continue to make good progress on the new house.

We had a bit of drama this week.  I received the updated counter top bid after the final measurements.  The price literally doubled from the original bid in January!  We hadn't signed a contract and it wouldn't have been valid after so many months, however, I was shocked the increase was so dramatic!  We spent the next day finding a different supplier and the new Silestone quartz choices are quite similar to my original choices.  The perimeter counters will be Arabesque 
and the island will have Calypso

These won't be installed now until the first week of October.  Hopefully most of the other work will be complete by then and we won't be delayed too long.

The exciting news includes the fascia, soffit and gutter work was completed  and now the exterior looks more finished. 
We've had a lot of storms this summer and J had been worried rain might blow up under the eaves.  Now that this work is done, he just has to install the underground guttering to drain the rainwater away from the house.  He's been 'itching' to do some dirt work so that will probably happen this week.

The soffit guys also installed the pine boards in the ceiling of the grilling patio.  
They did a great job but J and Favorite Son finished the trim work.  
Now all we need is the concrete poured.

Inside work included installation of the cabinets!  I just love them!! Here, the cabinet guys are installing them. 
The kitchen cabinets are a soft white and I love how they look with the wood floors!
The base cabinets in the great room were installed and will be painted white when the shelving units above them are finished.  This room is a lot bigger than I originally thought.  I will certainly have plenty of storage space!
The cabinets in my craft room were also delivered.  These were built by a different craftsman and I will paint them myself.  (Look how dusty my beautiful floors are!  Yikes!!)
Our shower stall was added.  Although we really like it, we noticed a couple of problems and will have the installers come back to fix our concerns.  I'm pleased with the over all look, though.
The last addition this past week was the accent wall in J's lodge room and WOW, is it stunning!!
J tore down an old barn years ago and has always wanted to use that wood some way in our new home.  He decided this room would be his so our finish carpenters worked on his wall this week.  We think it looks almost like a work of art!
I've been doing a little furniture shopping, as well.  We're planning on replacing the"existing seating" with something a bit more comfortable!!  Lol!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we've been up to.  I hope you are having a fun and safe holiday weekend!  We are planning to spend Monday on the lake with family.  Enjoy your first full week of September!

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