Monday, March 20, 2017

Our New Laundry Room

Slowly, I've been showing you bits and spaces of our new home.  We finished building and moved in last Fall.  With Precious Daughter's wedding, preparing for our Favorite Son's move to Montana, our own move and the holidays taking most of our time, I've just now found time to breathe and share a few photos.  Today, we'll take a peak at our small, hard working laundry room.  It isn't easy to get good photos but here goes!
When designing our house, it was important to me to have our washer and dryer close to our bedroom.  In our last home, the laundry room was on the main floor just off the kitchen.  This worked okay for awhile as our family spent a lot of time outdoors.  The laundry area doubled as a full bath, complete with toilet, utility sink and shower.  All of the bedrooms were upstairs and as the children have grown and moved out and J has retired, I was finding myself continuing to haul all of our bedding and clothing up and down those stairs several times each week.  I thought how much easier it would be to have the laundry near our master bedroom.  And, it has worked just as I'd envisioned!

This is a small space and I really had to think what I wanted to do in this room as well as what I wanted stored here.  As you can see, we have a Maytag Bravos XL washer and dryer.  I love them!  The new technology is a big improvement on our old Maytag.  Our clothes are clean and the process is much quieter!  You can see they take up a lot space and that surprised me.  J had to cut the dryer vent hose just right so the dryer would clear the plantation shutters.  I also store a folding clothes rack and my clothes steamer here.
I had our cabinet maker build only base cabinets and I had him add a Formica counter top for folding.  I didn't add wall cabinets as I was afraid it would make the room look smaller than it already was.  We added one shelf I already had and another one J made to liven up the wall a bit.  I added some of my photo and plants.  This is a hardworking room and  I didn't want much decor to clean.
The outside wall has a clock and I hung my mother's old wash board on the opposite wall.
My laundry and cleaning supplies are stored in the cabinets.   When we moved, I really pared down my cleaning supplies to what I used on a weekly basis.  The rest were donated or pitched.  What I kept HAD to fit comfortably in this cabinet. 
I've been following Mary Organizes 91 Decluttering Challenge and it has helped me decide what to keep and what to let go of.
Ironing supplies and mops are stored behind the door as is a hanging rack for clothes ready to be ironed.  I'm hoping to find just the right hooks to hang my ironing board some day soon.
That's our little hard working laundry room.  The master bedroom is just a few steps away.
Thanks for stopping by!  I'm interested in your comments and how you utilize your laundry areas.  Wishing you all a happy week!


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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Craft Room Updates

I'm really enjoying spending time in my new craft room.  I've been working on several projects lately and it's so nice to have all of my supplies in one place, a dedicated space where I can leave my projects out AND be able to close the door and 'hide' the mess!

I've been making a display board for our Retired Teachers' group, finishing up a quilt top and making a set of cork boards.  I'll share the quilt top next time but I have the cork boards done and am pleased with their look and functionality.

I chose fabric, ribbon and stud tacks.
I haven't made one of these since I was in college...several years ago!  The concept is the same but cork boards aren't.  Years ago, they were about 1/2 -3/4 of an inch thick.  These days they are only about a quarter of an inch thick.  I had to use 2 of them to staple the fabric to the back.
So easy!  I did the same to the back of the framed cork board.  I followed directions from HERE.

Decorative stud tacks were added to the ribbons.  
Here is the final product.  Now I have a place to hang my calendar, book club list and lots of other "important information."

I'm wishing you a wonderful week!  Let me know what you've been working on lately.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mardi Gras Museum in Mobile

J and I took a trip in January to the Gulf Shores area.  Missouri's usual winter weather is cold and snowy and that's just what we experienced as we were preparing to leave.  An ice storm hit and delayed our trip a couple of days.  The beautiful Gulf of Mexico was worth the slight delay, though!  
We played a little golf,
and toured Bellingrath Home and Gardens. 
We also toured a museum new to us, the Mobile Carnival Museum.  

I wasn't aware the Mardi Gras tradition in the New World actually began in the Mobile area in the early 1700's.  This museum celebrates this rich tradition with displays of parade floats, elaborate costumes and intricately designed crowns, scepters and robes worn by the chosen monarchs.
This post is long on photos but it was hard to decide which robes to edit since there were so many different, exquisite designs.
Each year, King Felix III and his Queen reign over the festivities and wear elaborate costumes.  These two royals are chosen almost a year in advance of Fat Tuesday to prepare for their responsibilities.  You can read more about this HERE under "Who is King Felix and how is the Mardi Gras court selected each year?"
These robes are so heavy that rollers are added to the bottom to help the Royal walk!
There are crowns
and scepters.
Many of the crowns and robes have been passed down through generations and refashioned for the new reigning monarch.  The crown below has been worn by many ladies in the same family.  (sorry about getting me in the photo!)
This robe is decorated with turkey feathers from Russia.
I couldn't pass up a chance to add a tablescape!  There are parties and balls and lots of feasting so it's only fitting the royal couple dine in spendor. 

Those in the Royal Court are not the only ones to wearing elaborate costumes.  Members of numerous Mystic Societies also don costumes that pertain to their names.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Mobile Carnival Museum!  As ones who knew little of this tradition, we found it fascinating and it gave us a new appreciation for this event.  It looks like a lot of fun!!

Do you have plans for Mardi Gras this year?  I'm planning a menu of Mardi Gras Beef, Dirty Rice and Carnival Cookies.  Sorry, no over-the-top gowns or robes for us, though!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

My New Craft Room

Today I'd like to share my new craft room!  When we were planning our new home last year, one thing I knew I wanted on the main floor was a space I could sew, scrapbook, and craft.  In our previous house, I used several areas, the basement, kitchen and second floor master bedroom.  I was always running up and down the stairs and thought it would be so handy to have everything thing in one place.  

We designated the small bedroom on the main floor for this purpose.  Here is a little tour.
It's not big but it is working well for me right now!  The workstation above has room for my new sewing machine (!) and my computer.  I have my printer in another room and will eventually move it in here.  My genealogical material is on the shelf and I plan on adding more shelving and/or bulletin board space between the counter top and current shelf.  It's so nice to be able to leave my machine and computer and other things out and ready to go, yet out of the way!  

The table in the right foreground is our old kitchen table.  I can add the leaves when I need a larger area to work on.  It's an heirloom from a special aunt.  She was forever refinishing and re-purposing furniture so I plan to repaint it someday soon.  Any suggestions??
The other side of the room is mainly storage.  I had the workmen leave the closet doors off.  I added the curtains with a tension rod to close the area.  The storage cabinet is one J made me years ago when I was teaching.  If you're a teacher, you can recognize this was just the perfect size to fit under a chalk/white board.  The casters have been removed and felt pads added.  The plastic storage containers are also from years of teaching, now happily re-purposed in retirement!!  

The wall cubbie is also a re-purpose from our old home.  It is one of two that I kept in my little room.  J has the other one in his lodge area in the basement.  You can see how I had them decorated in our old home HERE.  

The new Ott light is one of my favorite new additions.  It converts from floor lamp to desk lamp easily and is also magnifies!  My eyes are not what they used to be!  You see my next projects waiting for me on the table.
Here's a peek in my closet.
This is another re-purpose job.  I'm sure you remember those 1980's particle board wall units.?  Well I had three of these before I was married.  They've been in constant use somewhere in our homes throughout the years.  I thought I'd give two of them a final place in the craft room.  They started out looking like this:
I took off the bottom doors and then painted them white.  You can see the second in the back.  It took several coats of paint.  :)

We were able to position them both in the closet with space on either side for poster board, extra frames and cutting mats.

They hold all of my fabric, ribbon, 
 yarn, thread, some scrapbooking and lots of other supplies.
I'm pleased how the curtains allow me full access to the closet but close it up when I don't want to see ALL of my stuff!
This chair is also a relic from the 1990's.  It REALLY is comfortable and one I let my mom use when she went to assisted living.  Since she's passed, I just can't seem to part with it.  Maybe I'll try to recover it someday.  For now, it's a nice chair to have to sit and read or do handwork.
I've had Mother's old treadle sewing machine in basement storage for years (just like she did) and wanted to put it in my new craft area.  Although the room is small, I think it works nicely in front of the window.  It offers a bit of storage.  The belts will have to be replaced and it will have to be oiled well if it's ever put back in use.  (I doubt that will happen soon.  lol)
 This is one of her old sewing tins.  My sister has the other one.                                         
Thanks for stopping by and seeing my new craft room.  It's not big and elaborate but I like it and am so glad to have a space dedicate just for me. 
It is "My Little Corner of the World"! 

Happy Week, Friends!


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