Friday, February 17, 2017

My New Craft Room

Today I'd like to share my new craft room!  When we were planning our new home last year, one thing I knew I wanted on the main floor was a space I could sew, scrapbook, and craft.  In our previous house, I used several areas, the basement, kitchen and second floor master bedroom.  I was always running up and down the stairs and thought it would be so handy to have everything thing in one place.  

We designated the small bedroom on the main floor for this purpose.  Here is a little tour.
It's not big but it is working well for me right now!  The workstation above has room for my new sewing machine (!) and my computer.  I have my printer in another room and will eventually move it in here.  My genealogical material is on the shelf and I plan on adding more shelving and/or bulletin board space between the counter top and current shelf.  It's so nice to be able to leave my machine and computer and other things out and ready to go, yet out of the way!  

The table in the right foreground is our old kitchen table.  I can add the leaves when I need a larger area to work on.  It's an heirloom from a special aunt.  She was forever refinishing and re-purposing furniture so I plan to repaint it someday soon.  Any suggestions??
The other side of the room is mainly storage.  I had the workmen leave the closet doors off.  I added the curtains with a tension rod to close the area.  The storage cabinet is one J made me years ago when I was teaching.  If you're a teacher, you can recognize this was just the perfect size to fit under a chalk/white board.  The casters have been removed and felt pads added.  The plastic storage containers are also from years of teaching, now happily re-purposed in retirement!!  

The wall cubbie is also a re-purpose from our old home.  It is one of two that I kept in my little room.  J has the other one in his lodge area in the basement.  You can see how I had them decorated in our old home HERE.  

The new Ott light is one of my favorite new additions.  It converts from floor lamp to desk lamp easily and is also magnifies!  My eyes are not what they used to be!  You see my next projects waiting for me on the table.
Here's a peek in my closet.
This is another re-purpose job.  I'm sure you remember those 1980's particle board wall units.?  Well I had three of these before I was married.  They've been in constant use somewhere in our homes throughout the years.  I thought I'd give two of them a final place in the craft room.  They started out looking like this:
I took off the bottom doors and then painted them white.  You can see the second in the back.  It took several coats of paint.  :)

We were able to position them both in the closet with space on either side for poster board, extra frames and cutting mats.

They hold all of my fabric, ribbon, 
 yarn, thread, some scrapbooking and lots of other supplies.
I'm pleased how the curtains allow me full access to the closet but close it up when I don't want to see ALL of my stuff!
This chair is also a relic from the 1990's.  It REALLY is comfortable and one I let my mom use when she went to assisted living.  Since she's passed, I just can't seem to part with it.  Maybe I'll try to recover it someday.  For now, it's a nice chair to have to sit and read or do handwork.
I've had Mother's old treadle sewing machine in basement storage for years (just like she did) and wanted to put it in my new craft area.  Although the room is small, I think it works nicely in front of the window.  It offers a bit of storage.  The belts will have to be replaced and it will have to be oiled well if it's ever put back in use.  (I doubt that will happen soon.  lol)
 This is one of her old sewing tins.  My sister has the other one.                                         
Thanks for stopping by and seeing my new craft room.  It's not big and elaborate but I like it and am so glad to have a space dedicate just for me. 
It is "My Little Corner of the World"! 

Happy Week, Friends!


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Our New Views

The morning and evening views from our new home have been a special treat.  Of course the Autumn and Winter angle of the sun helps make our sunrises and sunsets especially lovely.  I thought I'd share of few of the photos I've taken since our move in October.

Sunrises ...
Sunsets ...
 Sunset and Dust ...

 Thanks for visiting!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy February!

It's February already!!  I took an unexpected blog vacation, being busy with domestic and club activities.  I may have taken on a little too many things in my retirement!  
One of my projects after Christmas was to write up four family histories for a county history and families book our local genealogical society is publishing. One of my interests (and retirement buckle list items) is spending more time on genealogy.  I have a lot of the records of our family, and if you know anything about this 'hobby' you know it's interesting but addictive!  Every time I wanted to sit down and write a post on my blog, I'd think, "No, I have to get these done first."  With that as an excuse ... and several other commitments, well, I just realized it's February and it's been a LONG time since I posted. Here goes, I hope I remember how to do this!

We are really loving our new home!  Having a space that made entertaining easier was on our 'new house list' and I must say it's made hosting gatherings for family and friends much more pleasant - both inside and out.  Here are a few photos of Christmas with my side of the family.
The kitchen was large enough to allow for visiting, snacking AND working. (Below Favorite Son and his Sweet Lady are carving the smoked ham.)
Foosball in the basement Lodge area. 
And lots of togetherness when the kids opened their gifts.

On New Year's Eve, we hosted a dual graduation party for Precious Daughter and Favorite Son.  Both met these milestones this year but with selling our old home, building the new one and moving (not to mention a wedding and settling into new jobs..), we never had a party for them.  I was so busy, I didn't get any pictures.  :(   But, the weather was nice enough that we could use the grilling area for many of our guests.  J grilled chicken wings so he had plenty of help!

Here are a couple of pictures of our graduates!

I'll close for now with a few pics of our great room.  I'm really loving the shelves and storage!   Notice I found the perfect area rug.  :)
The inspiration came from HERE.  I found it on Pinterest.
I think my builders came pretty close, don't you?!  

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits and comments!  I promise I'll post again soon.  Happy February!!


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Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas House Tour in the New House, Part 1

We're finally settling into our new home and I have it pretty well decorated for the Christmas season.  I know it's been awhile since I last posted but we've done the moving and most of the finish work ourselves so it's just started to look complete.

I'll start with the kitchen/dining/great room area as this is where most of our holiday entertaining will take place.  I'm so pleased with the openness of the areas and how each room flows into the next.  I'm also very happy with my decorating choices.  This is not my area of expertise but I did take ideas and trends from my blogging buddies and could not be any happier with the results!

Welcome to our front door!  I decided on a light greige color for the door.  It blends with the garage door which is a bit more beige.  
I picked this wreath up at Kirkland's.   
This cute rug is a housewarming gift from my sister-in-law.  Isn't it cute?!
Come on in!
This is our great room  I love the tall ceilings, they give the room so much space!  And I've had a lot of fun decorating my shelves!
We will be adding a rug and replacing the lamp soon.  
I just haven't found what I'm looking for yet.
We had this antique buffet in our bedroom of the old house and used it as a dresser.  The beautiful red marble top seemed too pretty to hide in this house so we decided to show it off in the great room, flanked by the china cabinets.  The painting hung over our old fireplace.
I'm trying to go with a 'less is more' decor this year.  I want the house itself to show (and I've run out of time!  We're ready to start entertaining.)
The great room flows into the Dining Room / Kitchen area.
One thing I wanted our architect to design was a space for our dining room furniture. We've loved this oak set and wanted to be sure it fit comfortable when the table is fully extended.  
It has one more leaf so it will work perfectly!
I bought the rug from Lowe's.  
 J made the buffet in this picture to match the one we bought.  He did a wonderful job!  The wood mirror is from Troy Furniture Company.  
I'm looking for some seat cushions with black in them.  

The Dollar Tree Christmas Village made the move and looks pretty on top of the hutch.
This antique coffee grinder was in J's mother's kitchen for many years. 
It's now in our home.
The kitchen is on the other side of this large room.  
Here, you can see how each area flows into another.
The large island has a single sink on the end.  This gives me a lot of work space for making cookies or canning/freezing things from the garden.  
My baking station is between the ovens and refrigerator.
I've tried to keep the color palet red, black, white and metallic for the Christmas season.  There was just enough space on top of the refrigerator for a little garland.
I also use the same ribbon in a few other places around the kitchen
and even on the back porch.
Thanks for stopping by!  J just put the mantel on the outdoor fireplace this afternoon so I'll share the grilling porch and the rest of the house next time.  Building this house has been a LONG process but we are so glad to finally be settled and spend our first Christmas in our new home!


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