Friday, April 26, 2013

She's Lady of the Manor: What's with the name?


No, I'm not so pretentious to think I'm some high society lady with a title!  The fact is, when I was considering beginning this blogging journey, one of the hardest parts was deciding on a name.  I wanted it to convey the idea that, as I was retiring from the working world, how excited I was about all the new things there were to learn and adventures to experience.  Easy enough, huh?  That's when I realized how many bloggers there were in the world!  Every name I thought of was already taken!!  I can't tell you how many I tried.

One evening as I was working in my Picasa photo program, I came across this picture I'd take while playing with my camera.  It's of a pillow Precious Daughter brought me from a trip to London.  The image jumped out at me and I realized it was just the right light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek title I was looking for!  One that was on the whimsical side.  One that shared whatever interested me at the time or showed a new skill or hobby I was trying out.  ... because I'm the boss now!  "Lady of the Manor" seemed to fit the bill! 

Someone had already snatched up the actual Lady of the Manor user name so I altered it a bit, adding "She's" to it, and my blog was born!  She's Lady of the Manor!

I hope you'll stop by now and then to see what I've been learning and what adventures I've had.  I'll try to include some interesting info on Wonderful Hubby, Precious Daughter and Favorite Son, too.  They make my life so special!  I am one lucky Lady of the Manor!

The memories made along the journey
make the destination even better!


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