Sunday, January 25, 2015

No Task Is Too Small

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love,
O Lord, endures forever.

                   -Psalm 138:8

Since I'm more comfortable doing behind-the-scenes activities, I often feel my efforts don't contribute much in the big scheme of things. 
One of the devotions I read this month centered on the familiar story of the loaves and fishes.  Most interpretations focus on the miracle itself or on the little boy who shared what he had.  This particular perspective, however, led me to consider the mother who prepared her son's famous meal.   
The writer had us imagine the little boy's mother as she mixed up and kneaded the dough, then carefully wrapping up the freshly baked loaves and fish and handed the lunch to her son.   
Could she have imagined when she was doing these everyday chores what an incredible impact her efforts would have on the 5000 people that day or
on the billions of people 2000 years since? 
Probably not, but it illustrates "that God can take our small efforts and uses them to feed people physically, emotionally and spiritually."
Wow!  What an exciting outlook on the ways I volunteer. 
It's humbling to realize that God is using my meager efforts to support and nourish those at our church's funeral luncheons  Setting up the hall, preparing a dish to share and
cleaning up afterward are simple ways
to support those who are grieving. 
Or when I volunteer at our small town's food pantry. 
God can bless the simple chores of restocking shelves or
holding the shopping basket for an older gentleman.  
Not only am I helping to feed my neighbors but it lets them know others care. 

This new perspective has helped me realize that
even when I'm doing things
I think are insignificant, 
GOD can use them to bless others. 
 What small things have you done that God has used to bless others? 
Inspired by
The Upper Room
"No Small Efforts" by Sara Matson
Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Sylvia said...

Good Sunday morning.I found you on Vicki's GYB post. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. I have often felt that what I do isn't enough or very insignificant. Thanks for reminding me that God can use us even when we aren't aware of it and to never give up on serving Him!
Have a Blessed Day!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love this post! I love how God uses what we may consider the "little" things or things that have no value to show Himself great and mighty. If not for those "things" then look at all the blessings that we and others would not attain! If it's important to us then it's important to Him. God sees all and I do not believe that one single thing that we do for our Lord goes unnoticed. Not by Him! Thanks for sharing this wonderful message. Hugs and blessings, Cindy