Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Morning!

Kathleen, of Cuisine Kathleen, organized a tablescaping challenge for her Link Party "Let There Be White."  The requirements were that the table setting must be white with one accent color. 

Recently, we hosted a barbecue for some my husband's associates and  I had purchased several colorful round placemats.  I have particularly liked using these orange mats in the morning because they are so bright and cheery.  I've also been using the birdcage floral decoration from that party.

When I considered what I might put together for this challenge, I immediately thought of my orange and white breakfast table!

I've prepared the table for fruit, breakfast casserole, muffins, coffee and, of course, breakfast mimosas!  (note those champagne flutes!)


On one of the first auction adventures my mother-in-law and I went on, she purchased these orange banded dessert plates for me.  They have an iridescent finish.  I just love them!


I'm hoping you have a bright and lovely morning!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mid Summer Setting

I had such fun arranging my first tablescape awhile ago, I thought I'd try it again.  This time, I built the setting around dishes I found at a Goodwill store when Wonderful Hubby and I were on another adventure.

These white plates and bowls have a delicate green and gold floral pattern.

I added the burlap runner to keep the setting less formal....after all, we are dining al fresco!  My daylilies are still blooming so I included them to add a hint of whimsy.  Aunt Edith and Uncle Jimmy's flatware make another appearance.

My hydrangeas are starting to fade so they blend well with this setting.  I also found some meadow weed, Queen Anne's lace and mint to fill out this quick arrangement.  They are displayed in a pitcher from Wonderful Hubby's grandmother.  The glassware is from Dollar General and Michael's.  Precious Daughter purchased the green candle holders for our anniversary celebration.  Wonder when she'll decide to take them with her???

Mr. Champy, one of our border collies, was helping me.  He was SO interested!  He's such a mellow, easy going fellow. 

We have been enjoying LOVELY weather lately!  A year ago today, the temperature was 108 in St. Louis.  Today, the high is expected to reach 82!  With these temperatures and this setting, I think we'll be eating outside this evening!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

LCMO Master Gardeners' Garden Tour

Garden Tour

Our local Master Gardener group hosted a garden tour for it's members several weeks ago.  We visited 3 lovely, yet unique gardens.  It was so interesting to see how each of us takes the information we receive and utilizes it to our own tastes and needs.

Our group has been in existence for 2 years and we have about 30 members.  This was our first (annual) garden tour. 
The first stop was The Lloyd Family Garden.  They use raised beds which are irrigated.  Aren't they lush?

Admiring the tomato plants.

Just look at this herb garden! 
One unique thing the Lloyds do is hydroponic gardening.  He grows some of his tomatoes and peppers using this method.

Many of us had never seen this system before so Mr. Lloyd explained the whole process.  He fills these containers with pebbles and puts his plants in them.  Several times a day he "waters" the plants with nutrient rich water which he stores in a large container.  These plants yield LOTS of produce  during the summer!

The next stop on our Tour was Vern's Veggies and Vineyards.

Vern and his wife have an expansive area they garden.  Vineyards (which he harvests to make a little wine!), raised vegetable beds, berry patches, and lots and lots of flowers.



This hosta bed is a sample of the beautifully planted and maintained gardens throughout the several acre gardens.  Below is another sample of a perfectly manicured flower bed!

The back porch roof is even a grape arbor!

The final stop on our Tour was The Hill's Cottage Gardens.  Mr. and Mrs. Hill love the look of native plants and flowers and have created individual outdoor rooms around their yard.  Everywhere you turn, there is a new surprise to delight the visitor!
Here is just a sample of their gardens.

The Giant Wisteria!

What a lovely addition to the outdoor dining area.
Isn't this a restful place near the Koi pond?
When the tour was over, Mrs. Hill had a lovely dining area set up in her front yard.  Everyone brought a dish to share and we had a delicious dinner.  Fortunately, the weather cooled with a nice breeze so we were really able to enjoy the food and company.


I hope you enjoyed our First Annual Master Gardener Tour as much as we did!  Many thanks to the three host families!  We had so much fun viewing and learning about our fellow gardeners!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dining On the Porch

I've admired others' tablescapes for some time now and decided to give one a try myself.  It was a lot of fun combining a few new acquisitions with my own vintage pieces. 

The blue salad plates and soup bowls are from Home Goods as are the napkins.  All the other pieces are from around our home.  The larger white plates were from Old Time Pottery about 20 years ago and the crystal goblets are from our wedding 25 years ago.  (We should use these more....we aren't getting any younger!)  The small white plates and the blue and white pitcher holding the flowers is from my mother-in-law.  
She was also with me when I bought the dessert dishes and berry bowls at a local estate auction.   Those blue stemmed wine glasses I recently bought at a resale shop when Wonderful Hubby and I were on a weekend get-away. 
Can I make confession?  The napkin rings are Dollar General shower curtain rings.  Is that cheating?

Those are my hydrangeas!  I'll show you the bush in a bit.  The daisies and baby's breath were part of the table decorations for our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration.  I reused them for this display.

The flatware is from my great aunt and uncle.  They had their monogram engraved on them.  Their last name was Clark.

My hydrangeas all grew on the same bush!  I'm not sure why they ranged from periwinkle blue to pink but we certainly  have enjoyed them!! 
Well, I have to admit that was fun!  When I asked how to go about this tablescaping thing, several suggested I 'shop my house' to see what I could put together.  It turned out to be a stroll down memory lane.  I may have to try it again soon.  Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Feeding the Fish

Wonderful Hubby loves to spend time on some of the acreage our family owns.  His uncle purchased the property many years ago.  There is a wealth of wildlife including deer, turkey and rabbits.  We've also seen a few quail and foxes. 


This acreage hasn't been farmed for a number of years so it's a bit overgrown with wild flowers and various grasses.  What a perfect place for me to practice some photography!

It's a peaceful, quiet place....

This time of year, he visits this acreage several times a week feeding the fish in one of the ponds.  It holds bluegill, trout and catfish.

Sometimes, we see the fish just barely break the surface to grab a tasty morsel.

I think I'm beginning to understand why he loves this place so much!

Thanks for joining us!

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