Friday, June 24, 2016

I Was the Give-A-Way Winner!!

I had a wonderful surprise last week when I heard I was the winner of Barbara Woods' give-a-way from her blog Wont-to-be Quilter!!  I received my package earlier this week and what a beautiful assortment of fabric she sent!
The BLUE theme is perfect for two of the first projects I'll be undertaking when we get moved into our new home.  Our niece just had twin boys about a month ago.  I'll be making each a baby quilt for Christmas and Barbara's fabric will be perfect with the other fabric I've been considering!

The quilts I'm thinking of making will be in a bow tie pattern similar to this in blue and gray or agua and gray,

or maybe a pinwheel pattern (no pink, of course!)
or perhaps a pennant quilt.
A chevron pattern would be cute, too.  
Oh, so many choices!  I can't wait to get in my new craft 'studio' and start creating!!  Which ever two patterns I choose, I have to thank to Barbara for pointing me in the right color direction!  

Check out her blog,, to see the projects she's been working on.  Her tumbler quilt is gorgeous and her tutorial on making a quilt wreath is informative and easy to follow.  

Thanks again, Barbara!!  

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Home Matters

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Gardens at Two Homes

As many of you know, we are building a new home this summer.  It's an exciting time of anticipation but also one that's bittersweet.  We have made many happy memories in our current home and will hate to leave the only home our children have known.  
I've also worked hard over the years to create flower gardens that make me smile.  I shared some of those spring blooms here and now, that they have passed, it's the early summer flowers' turn.  
Day lilies along the back of the house.

The lilies along the border between the yard and woods will be about a week later.
Tiger lilies in the peony beds, 
along with wild geranium
and two kinds of monarda or bees balm.  This brilliant red
and this delicate lavender color.

I've tried to plan ahead and moved some of my plants like the hostas and lilies to holding beds at my mother-in-law's house but some I've just potted up and hope to keep healthy until the move.  Here are some viburnums, (one actually bloomed!) a multicolored pepper and a miniature rose J gave me years ago.  The little rose is in the butterfly garden outside my kitchen. I decided to try to repot it for the move and it actually divided.  I didn't know I could divide it (and I'm not sure if it should have. ??)  However, the new section has thrived in it's pot and even bloomed!  
I also have some cone flowers ready to go to the new house.  
I may take them over as soon as we have a nice rain.  As I was leaving the home site this morning I saw some wild cone flowers in our new front yard along with some rudbeckia!
I took these shots as I was driving down the driveway!  J planted these wildflowers last year as part of a soil conservation/prairie project.  Won't this area be gorgeous in a few years?!
And here are a couple of shots around the pond near our new home.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  I hope you have a happy week!


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Flatwork, Ductwork, Brickwork, Oh My!

I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've posted an update on our house construction.  It seemed we had been moving along at a good clip once the initial work began but then several of our contractors had scheduling issues and that backed up everyone else.  Our plumber and electrician were both unaffected and continued their work but that wasn't too fun to photograph!  (*Extremely important, as far as home construction, though.*) 
Here is a picture of the kitchen with can lighting.  I will have a fixture over the island similar to this -
but the perimeter of the kitchen will be lit with the 'cans.'
As you can tell, there wasn't much to photograph concerning the electric work and plumbing.  

Two weeks ago, the flatwork guys came and poured the porch, basement and garage floors!  
We hoped the HVAC guys would come soon to put in the duct work so the framers could finish their work in the basement.  A family emergency kept them from coming until middle of last week.  They will finish Monday morning and the framers will be here then to begin their work.  
Duct work is coming along, though.

Since we are in the country, we have to provide our own water.     
Another important part of the construction was drilling the well.  Here the drillers set up their equipment just to the east of our house.
They installed the pump in the basement and just like that, 
We have water!!  Well, outside water anyway.  Which is good because late this week the bricklayers came!!  
The brick style we chose was Boral Heritage Trail in closure size.  Closure is a bit bigger than standard bricks and we liked the look for our exterior.  The stonework around the doors and windows is called Aux Vases Snapped.  We went with a natural color mortar.
The bricklayers set up their equipment and got to work Thursday and had quite a bit done by Friday afternoon.
When they began, I was a bit worried the mortar would be too dark
but it has lightened as it dries!
This picture was taken this morning with the front door closed.  We love it!  

The door will get a coat of paint.  I'm thinking about a dark gray.  It needs to coordinate with the garage door so I'll be checking into what colors the garage door people offer. 

Our bricklayers will be here for awhile as the entire exterior will be brick and stone.  Even the back grilling area will have a fireplace.  I can't wait to see that completed!! 
The brick delivery people dropped the brick pallets every few yards around the house.  They also dumped sand for the mortar in both the front and the backyards.  

After a week of slow going, which gave us the time to clean up inside and out, we look forward to seeing how the basement bedrooms, bath and J's lodge area take shape and how the exterior looks when completed!  

J says the next few things on the list will be installation of the basement windows and door, insulation and then maybe drywall!!!  Ooo, I can hardly wait!! 

Slow and steady.  Thanks for stopping by.     

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Flag Day Celebration

Our local Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter recently hosted a flag day celebration with the other chapters in our area.  It was a fun and festive day.

Our chapter is over one hundred years old and we love to proudly display 'Miss Tiffany's Flag' whenever we get the chance!  This flag was a gift to our chapter in 1934 and has traveled many places, including our own state conference.  I am the official keeper for the next two years, as I'll be serving as chapter regent.  (Wish me luck!!)

Here are some pictures of our decorations.
Each table was decorated with a red and white gingham topper made by one of our members.  Aren't they festive?!  White place mats, dark blue napkins, the day's agenda printed on patriotic paper and a vintage flag favor competed the place settings.  Each table had a potted floral arrangement which also served as a door prize.  Patriotic mints were available on each table.
Our chapter registrar stands ready to greet our guests.

We served a salad luncheon featuring chicken salad on dollar rolls.  Several of our members brought their own salads such as pasta, fruit, potato, vegetable and jello.  We had a very nice variety.
Several ladies 'planning strategy.'

There was a lot of behind-the-scenes work that went on.  Our ladies really worked well together and the event was a success due to their efforts!!
Doesn't the dessert table look festive?!  We served cheesecake adorned with strawberries, whipped cream and shortbread cookies.
Our guest speaker was our state senator.  
She brought us up to date on her life, how she entered politics (she is a retired educator) and some of the legislation she has helped sponsor.  One bill, in particular, will require high school students to pass the same civics test immigrants are required to pass to become American citizens.
I hope you were able to take a few moments this week to honor our American flag and give thanks for the blessings of living in our USA!

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