Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vintage Pink

This table started with a new (to me) vintage tablecloth I found recently at a resale shop.  I love the pretty pink stamped flower design.
It's one I think my mom would have loved to use.  Her favorite color was pink.  Our kitchen at home was painted pink and we even ate off of pink dishes!
I gathered several different dishes to put a Pink Tablescape together.
I have several pieces of Pink Depression Glass and reproduction pieces and thought they would work well in this setting.  They don't photograph well, though.
This set includes a larger serving platter with handles and five salad plates.  They have a textured border.
The cream and sugar set is from Anchor Hocking.  The delicate
glasses are from Wonderful Hubby's grandmother.
I found this teapot and the bowls at a junk shop resale shop last weekend
on an adventure along the
Great River Road in neighboring Illinois. 
I love mixing and matching.
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bright and Festive

I found these little salad plates the other day at World Market and knew they would work well with my Marigold Orange Iridescent Honeycomb pitcher and glasses. 

My Dear Mother-in-Law gifted me this set which included the pitcher and 10 glasses.  She also had collected several other iridescent pieces and I included two of them.

I found the orange plates and the orange bottomed glasses at Dollar Tree.

I just love these salad plates! They really make the table pop.
I think they would look great on blue placemats, too, don't you think?
I wanted to add some of my lovely lilies.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bloom Where You're Planted

You've probably heard this quote before. 

Several years ago, I mistakenly planted two Knockout Roses under a small tree in our backyard.  I thought the tree would continue to grow taller and the roses stay relatively small.  Unfortunately neither of these happened and what we ended up with was a mess.  Prior to planting those knockouts, I had also planted a tea rose and a miniature rose in the same bed. 
After two or three years, the knockouts had completely taken over, crowding my pretty pink tea rose so much, it barely bloomed and you could only see it's "little efforts" from the back of the bed. 
I actually forgot about the miniature rose bush. 

(This photo shows the knockouts (dark pink) crowding the small tree.  The miniature rose is to the right.  Good luck finding the tea rose!)
When rose pruning season arrived this February, Wonderful Hubby and I decided to take out those knockouts.  I planned to add some colorful annuals under the little tree.  After I trimmed and he dug, we removed the overgrown bushes and were happily surprised to find both of the original rose bushes still hanging on! 
I fertilized and watered and encouraged those little bushes until recently, IN FULL GLORY, my little tea rose bloomed again.  This time, those lovely blooms could be see from our kitchen window, not from an odd angle.  It was almost like that little rose was saying, "Ah, now that's more like it!"
Don't get me wrong, Knockout Roses are wonderful - in the right place.  And they really need to be managed yearly to stay the appropriate size.  It was my mistake to place them where I did.  Live and learn.  I'm just glad my little roses stayed the coarse and continued to survive. 
Sometimes, we have to do the same.  The circumstances we're experiencing may be unexpected or unpleasant.  But if we just continue to 'bloom' our best, God leads us through it, helps us learn from it and lets us shine in our way. 
I just love lessons from the garden!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

A Summer Setting

I wanted to set an easy and versatile table using a new tablecloth.  
I love the colors! 
I found this cloth and the aqua plates at Target several months ago. 
The glasses are from Dollar Tree, the napkins from Kirklands (on sale!) and the spoon napkin rings from a local resale shop.
Ready for breakfast, light lunch or dessert!
It's not actually 'beachy' but it does have that feel with the colors.
I love seeing how you're setting your tables this summer! 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Independence Day on the Back Porch

We're going to spend a little time outside this weekend, just Wonderful Hubby and me.  After some HOT and HUMID days, our forecast for this weekend sounds much milder.  Precious Daughter and Favorite Son are spending the holiday out of town with their friends.
 This table was put together from a little bit of here and there.  Resale shops, Home Goods and Wal-Mart. 

 The red, white and blue striped glasses were my mother's and the deep blue vase was from my mother-in-law.
I'm hoping Wonderful Hubby will grill some pork steaks this weekend!  Of all the things he grills, they are my favorite!!   


Happy 4th of July!
What will you be doing this weekend?
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