Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Another Thing Ticked Off the List

 I don't know about you but since I've been stuck at home during the pandemic, I have started writing out some goals for the week, the month and even part of the year.  It's oddly satisfying the mark off things as they are accomplished.  As I look at the big picture, I feel pretty happy that I've been able to complete some things I've put off for so long. 

I'm a member of a women's service genealogical society, the Daughters of the American Revolution.  We enjoy learning about history, sharing genealogy tips and tricks and serving our communities and our country in the areas for education, patriotism and historic preservation.  (Read more about our group HERE.)  Sometimes we participate in festivals, parades and other community events and many of our chapter members have Colonial dresses they enjoy wearing.  Making one or two has been on my "List of Many Things to Do" for sometime but I never took the time to make one.  I had, of course, purchased a pattern several years ago and even found some lovely fabric.  I actually found two different pieces, one is this lovely pastel!  It really made my heart swoon when I saw it!  

I must have fancy taste because the price was rather expensive.  I decided to go for it though....after all I had waited so long.  As a realist, I knew my first attempt at sewing a dress in a VERY long time would not be without a lot of trouble so I also purchased another piece of fabric that was much cheaper as my 'trial dress.'   It is a medium blue with tiny white flowers.  

Yes, this project has been at least two years in the making.  Well, this January I decided I had run out of excuses and should begin.  I've worked on it, off and on the last week and a half and finally have it finished except for the detail work.  It is not historically correct. (note the back zipper) It's just to have fun dressing up and play acting.  Sorry I don't have a sewing form to display it properly.  

A lovely lace was purchased at the same time as the fabric that will be used on the sleeves.  Unfortunately, it needs to be located!  (Yet another project!)
White netting is needed for the daytime neckline.  I've added this light gray as it is all I have on hand.  I will add a white mobcap, shawl and underskirt to complete the outfit.  I'll get those as soon as I feel comfortable shopping in-store again.

Here is the pattern and view of my dress.

As expected, there was a bit of a learning curve but I learned a lot and am pretty happy with my first attempt.  I plan to start the other dress next month.  I'd better go ahead and make it before I forget what alterations I made!  Ha!  
Maybe by that time I'll have found the lace, too!  

Our next outdoor DAR event is in March as a neighboring town celebrates it 200th anniversary.  Missouri is also celebrating it's 200th anniversary this year and our great nation's 250th birthday will be in just five years!  2026!  Do you remember when we celebrated the American Bicentennial?  Could that really be 45 years ago?!?  I'm hoping I'll get a lot of use from these dresses.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  Tell me what projects you've worked on during your time at home this past year?  It's fun to share and celebrate our accomplishments!

Hope you are staying well!

Monday, January 11, 2021

The I Spy Quilt Is Finished!

 This little quilt was finished in time for Christmas!  

The backing has a wild jungle print from my fabric stash.

Since it need to be quilted quickly, I machine quilted simple straight lines.  Because I didn't want to obscure any of the novelty fabric patches, I skipped quilting them.  This resulted in trimming a LOT of stray threads but I like the result.

The scrappy border, made from the quilt's remnants finished it up.

Jack seems to like it and that really warms this Grammy's heart!

Wishing you a warm and healthy week, friends!


Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Different Kind of Christmas

 I hope you were able to have blessed Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations.  It was a bit different, I'll bet.  We were not able to host our annual Christmas gathering at our home for my side of the family or attend J's side of the family either.  Phone calls, texts and cards had to suffice

Little Jack also had a Covid exposure at his preschool right before Christmas.  He and his parents began their quarantine immediately and were tested at the appropriate time.  Fortunately their tests were negative but decided to err on the side of caution and not join us Christmas Day.  We switched presents on the doorstep one day and opened them 'together' via Zoom on another day.  I will say, technology sure made all of this a bit better!  

We had snacks for lunch including deer meatballs, veggies and dip  and a charcuterie platter.  Our son and his girlfriend and my dear mother-in-law joined us in person.

We were able to post them on our television so they were almost life-sized!

They called later that evening while we were playing cards and we were able to visit again!  Jack loved his new toys!!  

J and I normally go out for New Year's Eve lunch then stop by a grocery or seafood store and pick up something to prepare for our evening meal.  We had to plan ahead this year as we are not making many trips to the store these days.

The day was pretty nice so we enjoyed our outdoor fireplace as J grilled on the back porch.

I set a table with some festive tableware.

We started with shrimp bisque

then enjoyed sharing ribeye steak, scallops, fettuccine and a salad.

For dessert we had creme brûlée.  
(While reorganizing the pantry, I found a box of this!  
Not quite instant but very easy and pretty good!)

We had some nasty weather New Year's Eve night and we were both very happy to be warm and cozy in our comfy clothes watching TV!

I hope your Christmas this year was blessed and that you were able to create some special memories!  Things may have been a bit different but the reason we celebrate remained the same!  

Wishing you many blessings in the new year!


Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Cold and Quiet Start to the New Year

I hope your holiday season was happy.  Our Christmas and New Year celebrations were different this year, like everyone else's and I will post about that next time.  Today I want to share some wintry pictures from our outing today.  We were able to make it to church, then decided to make a morning of it by having a drive-through breakfast at Hardee's and then take the long way home.  There has been a bit of ice and snow over the past two days but the roads were passable and the view so pretty.  

Even thought this NEW year has arrived with some wintry weather, I'm hoping you are finding some quiet and cozy moments to enjoy.  I'm also praying that 2021 will bring us back to some normalcy and good health!  

Happy New Year!