Monday, April 25, 2022

Finally Spring!

 Spring has finally arrived here in Missouri and I am so glad!  We've experienced lots of showers and the temperatures have been downright chilly.  Here we are at the end of April and we are just starting to have consistently warmer days.  The gardens are just starting to awaken, too, and that really has lifted my spirits!


Muscari and double daffodils

Flowering Quince


Bleeding Heart

Flowering Magnolia


The kitchen herb garden.  Soon I'll be adding basil and rosemary.

The hostas are sprouting.  You can see some of my pots next to the rocks.  I'll be dividing some of these for our Master Gardener Plant Sale.

Some of my clematis are preparing to bloom.

Seeing my perennials regrowth in the spring is almost like seeing old friends who have been away all winter!  
Am I the only one who feels that way?

Another sign of springtime is "chicks in the coop!"  Yes, we needed some new ladies and they came this weekend.  We only have one old hen left and our pair of mallard ducks.  With the warmer temperatures, the ducks can stay on the pond and our old hen can forage during the day, leaving the little ones in the coop and kennel to grow and bond.  
They are still a bit shy.

J and I both had bouts of Covid a while back.  I got it first then, as my quarantine was ending, he came down with it.  We both felt kind of blah but thankfully didn't feel too badly.  We both have been vaccinated so we know that helped.  

With that behind us and Spring truly here, we are feeling so much better!

I hope you are enjoying some spring weather or at least some sunshine where you are!