Sunday, August 16, 2015

"The Two Sisters"

These two Rose of Sharon bushes have been growing by our driveway since we first moved in our home some 25 years ago.  My mother and my aunt each had one and they each gave me a start - the pink one from Mom and the white from Aunt Sallie Mae. 

Both of these special ladies have since passed away and I miss them so much. 
This time of year, when the Rose of Sharons bloom, I'm reminded of these wonderful women. 
Mom's favorite color was pink and she would be so happy
with their lovely blooms!  She was quite a gardener and gave me starts of many of her plants.

Aunt Sallie Mae lived across the street from our first home.  Her Rose of Sharon was in her front yard.  I remember watching her trim it, later giving me a start for our new home.  
We are planning to build our retirement home next year.  There are many plants that I want to bring with us so this fall will be a busy one.  You can bet I'll be taking several starts from these two special bushes!  Our new place wouldn't be 'home' without them!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A New Perennial in the Garden: Cardinal Flower

Last fall I added a couple of new perennials to my gardens.  One of them was a wildflower known as Cardinal Flower or Red Lobelia.  These are Missouri native perennials which typically grow in moist locations along streams, sloughs, springs, swamps and in low wooded areas.  We've had so much rain this summer, the two small starts I planted have multiplied and flourished!
These bright and beautiful flowers were named for the bright 
 red robes worn by Roman Catholic Cardinals.

They also remind me of our pretty red birds that are plentiful here 
in Missouri year round.
Although this little butterfly stopped by for visit, most of the pollination for the Cardinal Flower is done by hummingbirds.  I've seen several of our little hummers hanging out here but haven't been able to get a photo of one yet.
These vibrant and lovely blooms won't last very long 
but while they do, they make quite a statement! 

I'm so please they have done well.  Most of my other flowers have had a hard time since the tornado and over 20 inches of rain earlier this summer! 

Have you planted something new this year?  How is it growing?

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Garage Sale Finds!

Wonderful Hubby and I are really enjoying retirement!  We've taken several trips this summer and blogging has taken a backseat but I hope to get my groove back soon.
A few weeks ago, a teacher friend of mine held an estate garage sale for her in-laws.  The items were very good quality.  I found several things that had to come home with me and I'm featuring two of them in this post.
The first is this pretty old enameled coffee pot. 
It was perfectly 'aged' from previous wear. 
I've enjoyed filling it with flowers for our kitchen table. 
The other treasure I'm featuring is one of these small blue plates. 
 About a year ago, I found one just like it in a thrift store along with another smaller plate that was similar.  I've used them both in a vignette with some other items in our office area.  When I saw this plate at the sale, I knew it was an exact match and had to bring it home!  I'm not sure if they are real dinnerware but I thought I'd reunite them for a pretty breakfast setting.

Here are the markings on the back.  I'm not sure what they mean. 
If anyone knows, I'd appreciate learning about them.
I'm also featuring some vintage dishes from my stash - some pink depression glass and two lusterware coffee cups and saucers.
I found these lusterware cups and saucers on a little trip near Hannibal, MO several years ago.  There was also a creamer but no sugar bowl.  I'm still on the lookout for one!  Isn't that the fun part...the search?!

These three pink serving pieces, perfect for pastries and fruit,
are from different places. 

This one was my mother's.  It's so dainty!
I found this little bowl myself,
and this one was Wonderful Hubby's grandmother's. 
Dear Mother-in-Law gifted it to me. 
I love how she labeled it for us.  This is such a good idea! 
Vintage silver and glassware complete the setting. 
Thanks for letting me share my new little treasure! 

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