Thursday, September 20, 2018

Our New Grandson!

Our Precious Daughter, Michelle, and her handsome husband, Jeremy, had their little baby boy late last week!  He was a few weeks early but is perfect at 7 pounds, 11 ounces!  They named him Jack Alexander after Jeremy's maternal great grandfather and paternal great-great-great grandfather.  So special!!

We've had lots of fun spending time getting to know our new little fellow.  He's had lots of company including his Grandma "Cami," Jeremy's mom,

his Great Grandma, "Gigi," J's mom,

his fun-loving Uncle Andy, (who came all the way from Montana!) and his girlfriend, Jamie, visiting from Kansas City
Papa and Grammy (ME)!

I love this collage Cami put together of his first day!!

I realized I have never posted anything on the shower Cami and I put on for Michelle so here are a few pics of the event. We invited family and a few of Michelle's good friends.

We served chicken salad sandwiches, fruit cups and cheese straws.  
Here Michelle is helping herself to some fruit and Cami is ladling up her delicious punch!
We printed baby pictures of Michelle and Jeremy and placed them around.  It was fun to remember our own little ones and wonder what our NEW little one would look like!

Since the we didn't know the gender of our new little one at the time, Cami and I decided to dress up these two little rabbits in one of Jeremy's outfits and one of Michelle's. 

Instead of a card, Michelle and Jeremy asked everyone to pick one of their favorite children's book and write something special inside for their new little one.  Gigi gave them several books she read to Michelle at her house when she was little.  I think this beloved book was remembered!

It was so much fun preparing for our new addition but getting to hold Little Jack in my arms is even better!!  

Thanks for visiting and sharing this VERY special time!