Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cabinet Shopping

I recently shared about our new house plans and now the bids have started coming in.  Wonderful Hubby will be the general contractor and is handling this part of the process.  We are blessed to live in a community that is still small enough that we either personally know many of the builders/contractors or know someone who has used them.  We know their work and their reputation and feel fairly confident with whomever we choose.  I'm sure there will be a few hiccups, and even a misunderstanding or two but we will work through those as best we can.  

I've put together a notebook with all 'New House' material we are accumulating.  I'll share it in a week or two.  It's helped keep us organized and focused.  I started this notebook about a year or so ago to save ideas and photos that interested us.  It's grown from a 3/4 inch binder to a 4 inch one!  I've also been using Pinterest and Houzz.  
We have LOTS of ideas!

Earlier this week, WH and I went to a kitchen and bath store to look at cabinets and counter tops.  WH has been ALL ABOUT the foundation/concrete work.  NOTHING is as important as this, as he says.  And while I agree, I'm more interested in the things I can see (and will see for many years to come.)  I guess it's just a woman thing!

I had to smile when the sales lady introduced herself and started the process, WH was right in there taking about what he'd like in his 'lodge' area.  He has lots opinions and expectations!  Apparently, he's NOT just all about the concrete!!  He has some old barn siding that will be used around the bar area and an accent wall (we even had some in the car from our visit to the flooring place!)  He and the sales lady were able to narrow his choices on cabinetry and counter tops.  He'd like to go with dark, rustic wood cabinets and a granite-look laminate.  The outdoor grilling area will wait for now.

I've been enamored with light colored cabinets for several years.  We have golden oak now, from the 1990's and I'm wanting a lighter, brighter kitchen.  My cousin has redone her kitchen and installed cream color cabinets.  They are simple and elegant with no glazing; I just love them.  
When we went shopping yesterday, I looked at something similar.
my favourite kitchen ~ traditional shaker style cabinets, white marble island, black countertops glass warm wood floor:
The counter tops I like are quartz from Vicostone.  I'd two different colors, a dark grey on the island (Royal Grey) and a marble-look (Statuario)
on the surrounding cabinets.  The marble-look I have my eye on has both thin grey and beige veins throughout.  When looking at the off white paint options, the light grey or oyster shade looked perfect with the counter tops.  It has a taupe undertone that will work with either beige or gray. 

I'd like my cabinets to go to the ceiling but have glass-front small display cabinets at the top.  I'd like the cabinet fronts on each side of the window sink to have seed glass. 
I'm considering cabinet fronts around my range hood.  I like the continuous cabinet look throughout the kitchen. 
(The picture below shows much more intricate details than I'm considering.) 
#design #diy:
I'm also seriously thinking about deep drawers and sliding shelves instead of 
simple box base cabinets.  
Several people have mentioned they are easier to access as one gets older.  
So many options!

We have several appointments with other cabinet stores this week and hope I remembered all of the amenities we discussed earlier so the bids are similar.

What are some elements you have in your kitchen that you couldn't live without?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our New House Plans are Here!!

I've haven't posted much in the last several months because I've been busy tidying up our current home preparing it to sell.  Painting, deep cleaning, and other domestic chores didn't seem too interesting and frankly, after long days, I didn't feel like anyone would be interested in reading about it!  We have moved to the next step in our 'relocation' process and it's much more least to me!!

Wonderful Hubby and I have always planned to build a ranch-style home when we retired.  
I took the plunge first in June of 2013 and he joined me in May of last year.  
We had the first visit with our architect in June.  Although we had LOTS of ideas, we didn't have a firm floor plan in mind.  
Our architect listened to all our 'wants and needs' in this new home.  And we had plenty!  
He worked on the plans, sent his sketches for revision, met with us several more times and FINALLY delivered what we hope will be the perfect retirement home for us!
As I mentioned we had 'several' things we really wanted 
to incorporate in our new home.  These included:
  • A front angled two-car garage - In our current home, the garage is on the side of house and it's impossible to see if anyone has driven up to our home without looking out through the opened garage door.  We live in the country and our new home will also be in the country.  As an older person, I want to be able to see if anyone has driven up to our house.  We will eventually have a concreted drive/turnaround that will come to the front of the house and garage.  Everyone will be using the front door!
  • I would like a craft studio where I can work on sewing and crafting projects, edit my photography and store my supplies.  Currently, I do all of this on three levels.  I'm excited about the possibility to have it all in one place ... AND be able to close the door when company comes!!
  • Wonderful Hubby wants a 'man space'.  He wants a rustic decor that reflects his interests (hunting, golf, farming).  Since this room will be in the basement, we discussed having a walkout to a patio area.  This would have made us add a deck to the back of the house on the main floor.  Neither of us wanted that look for the great room.  Instead, we will have plenty of light in this lower 'lodge' area and a simple walkout on the side of the house.  
  • The kids' bedrooms will be on the lower level.  We discussed this prior to meeting with the architect and it just seemed to make the most sense for us. They are older now and when they come to visit, they will have a bit more privacy.  It also frees up floor space on the main level.  There will be a full bath between the two.
  • Consideration for a future elevator.  We have seen elevators in several homes recently and realized their value when and if we would become incapacitated.  Staying in this home as long as possible is a major goal.  The plans include a roughed-in area for an elevator.  Unfortunately, it will be at the expense of my craft studio's closet!!  Oh, well!
  • Big kitchen/dining room combination.  I'm really looking forward to this!
  • An outdoor entertaining area.  Currently, we have a covered back porch but it's not very large. WH would like something that incorporates his grilling area with an eating/relaxing space.  He and the architect spent a lot of time planning this and I think his vision will be a great space to share with family and friends! 
The exterior will be brick and stone.  Our current home is vinyl siding and because of the trees and humidity oin our area, we have to have it power washed every several years.  As an older couple, we decided to go with brick.  It doesn't show the mold!

We will be using geothermal heating and cooling.  In fact WH installed the pipe field this fall.  (He's quite handy!)  In a future post, I'll share how it was done.  We heat our current home with a Hardy wood furnace.  NONE of us will miss cutting, splitting, and hauling wood or having to 'fire up' in the freezing cold!
Since Wonderful Hubby is retired now, he will be the general contractor.  He feels pretty confident in this role and knows a lot of the area contractors.  
We have started the bidding process.  

Several ladies have already been through this and have shared their 'moving adventure' on their blogs.  I have enjoyed reading about both Pat's (Back Porch Musings) and Kathysue's (Good Life of Design) experiences and thought processes.  I hope to share some of our experiences here this coming year and would welcome your comments and suggestions.  

It will be a busy and eventful year!  Selling a home, building a new one and helping a bit with Precious Daughters wedding!  Think I'll have some gray hairs by this time next year?!


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First Snow

The first snow of Winter came with the first of the year.  It was a thick snow, the kind that sticks to trees, bushes, everything, in big puffs.  
So pretty! 

The snow came heavy for awhile and fell so silently.

 When the sun finally came out, just a bit, those out in this wonderland marveled at the changed landscape.

Everyday objects took on new appearances 

as if they were attending a masquerade.

We counted FIVE sets of Cardinals at the bird feeder this year!  

They make stunning subjects ... if you are fast enough.

I hope you're enjoying the winter in your neck of the woods!

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