Saturday, October 27, 2018

Finally Fall

Our weather has finally started feeling Fall-like and our trees are turning here in Missouri.  I wanted to check in and wish everyone a cozy and colorful weekend!

These two photos are of the road to our house and our lane.

Behind our home...

Our backyard is another story!  J has started another project.  He is building his workshop and has be been busy burying the water and electric lines.  You can see the concrete slab for the shop in the background. 
He completed this job today and will be burying everything in the next several days.  We hope the framers will be here this coming week to start building.  I have lots of gardening items I hope to store for the winter in my little corner! 
I couldn't resist including a picture of J and our Little Jack!!  
Jack turned 6 weeks old yesterday and is over 10 pounds!

Thanks for stopping for a visit!  I'm wishing you a colorful week!


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Our New Grandson!

Our Precious Daughter, Michelle, and her handsome husband, Jeremy, had their little baby boy late last week!  He was a few weeks early but is perfect at 7 pounds, 11 ounces!  They named him Jack Alexander after Jeremy's maternal great grandfather and paternal great-great-great grandfather.  So special!!

We've had lots of fun spending time getting to know our new little fellow.  He's had lots of company including his Grandma "Cami," Jeremy's mom,

his Great Grandma, "Gigi," J's mom,

his fun-loving Uncle Andy, (who came all the way from Montana!) and his girlfriend, Jamie, visiting from Kansas City
Papa and Grammy (ME)!

I love this collage Cami put together of his first day!!

I realized I have never posted anything on the shower Cami and I put on for Michelle so here are a few pics of the event. We invited family and a few of Michelle's good friends.

We served chicken salad sandwiches, fruit cups and cheese straws.  
Here Michelle is helping herself to some fruit and Cami is ladling up her delicious punch!
We printed baby pictures of Michelle and Jeremy and placed them around.  It was fun to remember our own little ones and wonder what our NEW little one would look like!

Since the we didn't know the gender of our new little one at the time, Cami and I decided to dress up these two little rabbits in one of Jeremy's outfits and one of Michelle's. 

Instead of a card, Michelle and Jeremy asked everyone to pick one of their favorite children's book and write something special inside for their new little one.  Gigi gave them several books she read to Michelle at her house when she was little.  I think this beloved book was remembered!

It was so much fun preparing for our new addition but getting to hold Little Jack in my arms is even better!!  

Thanks for visiting and sharing this VERY special time!


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Late Summer Changes

We were up earlier than normal today.  J wanted to play golf with "The Old Grumpys" and they start early during the summer.  After the pups and I wished him off, I realized the foggy morning would make some pretty pictures.  I hurriedly dressed and we went on our morning walk/chores.  Here are some of our views this late summer morning.
 Ranger looking to see if the fish were up yet.
 Our homestead from across the pond.  (Ha!)
Several of our "ladies" were up early, too.
This is how these two play fetch.  Ranger loves the water and 
Sallie tries not get her toes wet!

As hot summer days change to warm autumn afternoons, we are excited to be changing in our roles, as well.  Our Precious Daughter and Son-in-Law are anticipating the arrival of their first child!  J and I are so excited in becoming GRANDPARENTS!  This past weekend, the kids had me take some photos of them and I'll share a few.

 This was taken in their bean field.
Love this one, American Gothic-style!  This is in front of what will be their new home.  Yes, not only are they starting their family, they are building a new home.  We are so lucky that it is just a few miles down the road from us!  Guess we'll get to do a lot of babysitting, huh?!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer!


Monday, June 25, 2018

A View From the Garden

Last week was Pollinator Week here in the U.S. when we celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them.  Our Master Gardener group has planted numerous native gardens that help the pollinators in our area feel right at home.

On my daily walk to the mailbox Saturday, I enjoyed the 'company' of several of my winged neighbors.  I had to share - sorry about the quality but I just had my cell phone.

 Painted Lady on Wild Aster
Bumble Bee on Coneflower

 Monarch on Coneflower
What are you seeing on your daily walk?

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Man Cave

There, I said it...Man Cave.  When we were planning the house, remember I wanted to call it 'The Lodge,' J's Space, etc. etc.   Anything but CAVE, but there you have it.  Everyone else calls it that so...

I really have to admit that when everyone is there, watching television, it is pretty dark and cave-like and I think that's the way they like it!

I'm going to show you start to finish how we created this space for J and anyone and everyone who wants to watch Cardinal baseball or Blues hockey.

We framed out a portion of the basement in the new house, that opened from the stairs. 
There is an extended section for a bar area.
Chipboard (that's what we call it) plywood was added to the back wall studs so barn wood could be secured.  Before adding those planks, we stapled tar paper to keep any gaps that peeked through dark.
(This photo was taken just after J jumped off the front porch and sprained his ankle.  Very few things slow him down!)
Here is the (almost) finished product!  The barn wood on the back wall and bar area are actually from an old farrowing house J tore down on the farm.  His grandfather and uncle raised hogs and J remembers the old building well.  He had the wood for years and wanted to use it.  I kept telling him to wait for the new house and it makes a wonderful statement for his 'lodge' area, don't you think?
The color variation was natural and happened as the once-painted barn weathered.  
Our carpenter guys had fun creating the pattern!  It looks like it has movement to it.
The flooring is a luxury vinyl TruPlank from Mannington called Barnbrook Oak Timber.  The walls are Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.
Here is how the room looked the first Christmas we moved in.  
We used our old furniture until we knew more what we wanted to do with the space.
This Christmas, the kids and I added a gallery wall for J including some of his golfing, hunting and fishing pictures.  He really like them!  
Over the year, J also refurbished the bar he and Favorite Son made several years ago.  He added more barn wood to the front but kept the cherry top.  Two European deer mounts flank the television and he's filled the display cubby he made for me years ago in the old house.  Click HERE to see how it was styled when it was mine.   
And we had to find a spot for J's foosball table.  This was a bit challenging but I think we finally did it!
The hooser cabinet was J's grandparents (who lived on this farm), as is the wooden storage box.  Grandpa made it and is a treasured heirloom.
J really likes how the deer mounts look on the barn wood.
After lots of shopping and measuring, we finally decided on a leather set.  The sofa is long enough for J (or anyone) to lay down on.  It also seats three comfortable.  The loveseat is roomy enough for two and both pieces recline.  The coffee table is re-purposed from our old home.  
The rug is from Target.
The furniture we had before was too crowded with the foosball table.  
The new choices work so much better!

You can get a peek in one of two bedrooms downstairs.  
I just realized the cords are sticking out in this picture!  We've now hidden them better.  We also moved the wooden box between the sofa and loveseat.

We are so happy how J's lodge/man cave has turned out!  We are really enjoying this space!!

Thanks for visiting.  Wishing all the Dads out there a very 
Happy Father's Day!

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