Friday, July 3, 2020

Garden Tour and Family News

Wow, it's already July!  June was quite a busy month for me.  I did some traveling (carefully), celebrated Flag Day with my DAR group, participated in a garden tour and am currently playing 'nurse maid.'  Here are some pictures to catch you up.

Our son has a new job and has moved from Great Falls, MT to central Illinois. He and I made a run from Missouri to GF and back in 5 days while the movers packed up his things.  That's 23 hours ONE way!  Thank goodness for Audible books!  Once there, we packed some special items and did some cleaning.  This is one of the great falls in the area.  You can see the dam that generates electricity for the area.  This is how Great Falls got its nickname the "Electric City."

The movers did their work efficiently and the rest of his things were loaded then we were back on the road again.  Great Falls has a lovely park I think I've shared before.  Gibson Park was right across the street from his former home.  I took one last walk through the flower garden section and it did not disappoint!  Here are some of the flowers blooming in mid June.
We are so happy our son will be closer, only about 3 hours away instead of 23!

Our local Master Gardener group held a little garden tour of some of the members' gardens.  I volunteered this year.  Each garden was unique and beautiful!  One of the best things about our group is how we love learning from each other!

I was able to spend some time with this little fellow!  We attended a Flag Day ceremony where we marked the graves of veterans.
 I just love this picture!!
Jack is quite a little gardener, too!  He helps me pick strawberries, peas and beans!  He also has a good time watering!  I'm so glad he and his family live close by!
Well, sometimes what we pick doesn't make it in the house!

And this is what has been keeping me busy lately.  J hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago and had surgery last week.  He's doing well but will be using crutches for quite awhile.  He's being a good patient and progressing every day.  He is also pretty good a snapping green beans!  Ha!

Thanks for stopping by to see what we've been up to. The news every day is so troubling, I feel thankful I have my family and my gardens to keep me busy.  I'm hoping you are staying healthy. 

Also, I've created a Instagram account and would love for you to follow me, if you'd like. The name is  shesladyofthmanor  and I'll be posting photos of my gardens, food, family and 'goings on' around my home.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy 4th of July!