Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brickwork Complete and Stained Floors

Our new house is really starting to come together.  This past week, the wood floors were installed and stained and the brick and stonework was completed. We hated to say "goodbye" to the masons as they have been working on our home for almost a month and J has enjoyed chatting with them.  Everyday, he would come home with several interesting tidbits they shared.  They have done a beautiful job, too, and we just love the exterior of our home!

You've seen the front but here it is again.
The walk-out basement was covered in stone veneer.
We like this look better than leaving the concrete exposed or painting it.  The masons had to attach a wire mesh into the concrete wall, then mortar the stones in place.  It took a few extra days but, in the end, I think we will really be glad we chose this option.  I can't wait until we get some landscaping in!

This shows the rear of the house.  You can see our grilling area on the left with the outdoor fireplace.  J is really excited about this space!
J will build a new mantle for this fireplace.  The one in our current home is too long.  He has plans to cook in this fireplace, as well as use it to warm the area on cool nights.
The masons helped him set this fir beam.  The pine boards we stained several weeks ago 
will be used to create the ceiling for this outdoor patio.  We hope the gutter/soffit/fascia guy comes this week to finish this up.  We still need the have the rest of the concrete poured.

The other milestone completed this week was the staining of the wood floors!  I am so pleased with the color!!  It's a warm brown and will be a good contrast for our golden oak dining room furniture.  I just can't part with it.  :)
This is the great room
and this is the kitchen.

On Monday, the flooring guys will be back to install the vinyl in the bathrooms, laundry and the finished rooms in the basement.  We are having LVT (luxury vinyl tiles).  Vinyl flooring has come a LONG way in 25 years!  And then Thursday the cabinet maker will deliver and install the cabinetry!!  Stay tuned!!

Thanks so much for joining us on our journey!  I appreciate your comments and encouragement.  It's a long process but slowly, steadily, we are getting there!  I'll post again at the end of the week and hopefully have some more goodies to share.


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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Garage Door and New Floors

Progress continues on our new home.  Late last week, the garage door installer did his thing and here's the finished product!
The picture below was taken later in the afternoon and it's a bit brighter in the sunshine.
It's so nice to be able to close the door at night and not worry about the rain damaging anything that's being stored there.

Also, the wood floors went in this week!
These pictures were taken after the first day of installation.  

The brick layers have finished bricking the exterior, too!  
The large Douglas fir beam wwill set into place in the patio grilling area.  J plans to use some of his heavy equipment as the men steady the beam onto it's supports.  The masons will then brick the beam into place.  They plan to finish this area this week. Finally, they will add stone veneer to the walkout side of the basement.  Those guys have been here so long, we've gotten to know them pretty well. We'll really miss them when they're done!

J did have a mishap Friday afternoon. He stepped off the front porch and twisted his ankle. He was lucky it wasn't worse but his ankle has bothered him a bit.  It's hard to keep a good man down!
Finally, J and I worked in his 'lodge' area this weekend putting up the particle board that his barn siding will be attached to.  He is pretty good at measuring and cutting and the boards went together perfectly!  I hope the siding goes up as well!  We still need to clean the boards before we bring them in but that will be a project for later on.  

This weekend is Precious Daughter's first wedding shower.  Her Mother-in-law-to-be will be coming in so we plan to spend time doing fun things other than working on the house!!  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are enjoying these last weeks of summer!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Leak?!

Last week started with a driving rain storm.  It hit in the wee hours of Monday morning and sent Wonderful Hubby to the new house making sure the doors were secure.  While there, he noticed a small amount of water in one of the craft room corners.  He called the roofing man (yes, at 2:30 in the morning!).  Roofing Man came right out and they figured the water must have come in through an unsecured piece of flashing.  He came later in the morning (when it was light and not raining!) to add more flashing.  We are so fortunate to be working with good people who stand behind their work!  There was no damage to the drywall or paint and, thankfully, the wood floors won't be installed until next week (August 8).  

The exterior work continues.  The brick layers had to move to another job briefly but have returned and are working on the back of the house now. The Gutter Guy will come and add the gutters and soffits when the brick layers finish, hopefully next week.  This addition will also help keep the rain out. 

We met with our finish carpentry men.  We discussed my vision for the built-in bookshelves in the great room.  It was decided to have our cabinet maker build the base cabinets and the finish carpenters would build the shelves above.  Our cabinet maker is pretty booked up but thought they could get them finished (unpainted) by the installation target date of August 25th. This is what I'd like them to look like.

Another milestone that happen last week was that the air conditioning was turned on...and it works beautifully!  Our system also has a humidifier/dehumidifier attached.  We can set the temperature we want AND the humidity level and the system takes care of it!  This is especially helpful for the installation of our wood floors.  Missouri summers are quite hot and humid and this summer has been especially humid.  This July was the fourth wettest on record in our area. Our installers had a humidity goal for us to work toward before they would begin putting the wood floors in.  

We also had another reason to get the AC up and going.  After the last rain, we noticed a lot of moisture on the basement walls.  Since the drywall has just been finished, it was very important to get that extra moisture out!  We purchased a portable dehumidifier to help speed up the process and it is so much nicer in the house now!  

This weekend, J decided we could stain the wood planks that will be on the ceiling of the grilling patio.  So, that's what we did.  We just finished this morning and I must say, they look pretty good!  
The Garage Door Man comes tomorrow so hopefully, I'll share that next post!  I'll be placing the order for our lights this afternoon.  

We continue to have our home on the market and have had a few showings.  Several have come back for a second showing but no offers as of yet.  

August will be a busy month for the interior.  I'll try to find time to keep up with my posts.  Thanks to those of you who visit and leave a comment.  

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