Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Christmas Hello

I'm popping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

After celebrating for several days, I've decided to sit down and spend sometime on my blog.  It's been so long since I posted last, I wondered if I still knew how.  Even though my posts have been sparse, I've enjoyed visiting you all and reading what you've been up to.  Hopefully 2018 will be less busy and my blog will receive a lot more attention.

I wanted to share a table I set for our 'grown up' children's Christmas dinner last night.  I've set lots of tables this year in our new home but rarely take the time to photograph them.  This time, I was ready a little early and thought about taking a few shots.

I went with a silver, gold and white theme.  It's simple but was fun and easy to create and I think everyone enjoyed my efforts!
We have hosted my side of the family on Christmas Day for a long time.  This year there were over 30!  We moved the furniture around so I could set up enough tables for everyone. (Notice the cheater fireplace. Lol)
What fun we had!!

J's side of the family celebrated Christmas Eve and we  had a visit by a VERY special fellow.  

The Folta Family wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and 
a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I'm slowly going through photos of our recent trip to Washington State and Montana.  The roads we chose took us through lots of wilderness alongside beautiful streams.  I thought I'd create a post of photos of some we enjoyed.  Hope you enjoy them, too.

You can see how hazy it was in mid-July/early August from the wildfires that had started burning. The fires are much worse now in the Northwest US, California and British Columbia, Canada.  

Please continue to pray for all of those impacted by these wildfires and the hurricanes.  


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Friday, August 25, 2017

A Busy Summer and a Delicious Dessert

We've had a wonderful summer entertaining, golfing and traveling!  Blogging has been on my mind but I've not sat long enough to complete a post...until now.  I hope your summer has been enjoyable and that you were able to do some fun things outdoors!

We are really enjoying our new back porch (J's grilling area).  We've spent a lot of time entertaining and just enjoying the warm weather there.  I especially like J doing most of the cooking outside!  I make salads and such indoors and he does the rest.  
It's a plan that works great for us!!

(Please don't look at my sad plants, we were gone a few weeks and they were neglected a bit!)

We are also enjoying our new home!  
Last weekend the front sidewalk and garage approach were poured and now people can actually come in our front door!  We will finish up the landscaping before winter.
We took a trip to see our son who is living in Montana.  Our daughter and SIL went for a few days, too. I'll have several posts about that in the next coming weeks.  We are heading back sometime this fall so J can do some camping/hunting with the Favorite Son!  I'll be doing some reading and a few projects while they're doing their thing.

We also have a new addition to the family, Ranger!
 He's a Border Collie, like his 'big sister' Sallie.  She's taken to him quite well and they have a lot of fun playing, running and, unfortunately digging in some of my new landscaping.  Thank goodness I don't have a lot out just yet.  :)
It's hard to get a good picture of them, they are always on the move!  
Precious Daughter took this picture of Ranger his first day at his new home.

We're in love with this little guy

I have been doing some cooking this summer and something I made the other day was so easy and so delicious, it just had to be shared!
The recipe for this easy summery Peach Galette is HERE.  Believe me, it is easy and SO delicious with Ina Garten's Vanilla Ice Cream!.
I'm hoping to get back into the posting mood. It's such fun to share our lives and ideas with good friends!  
Enjoy these last days of summer!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Little of This And That

This past month has been a busy one for me and I haven't had much time for blogging.  I'm not even quite caught up on my 'blog visits' yet but I'm trying to get to everyone.

Several organizations have kept me hopping, as well as helping J with the landscaping.  We are both pretty tired of looking at either dirt or mud, depending on the weather.  Last week we had 11 inches of rain and this week we've had about 2 1/2.  Needless to say, trying to get trees, shrubs and flowers planted and grass sown has proven a bit challenging this Spring but we're working at it.  Since I joined our county's Master Gardener group, I really want to be able to do the planning and planting myself.  J is also a DIYer and luckily has the equipment needed to get the job done.  Here are a few of our projects:
The organizations I'm in have been winding up their activities until after Summer so there have been lots of meetings, conferences, etc.  Our Retired Teachers' group has been busy crafting items to sell at the local craft fair in the Fall.  We've been busy sewing, crafting and creating!
Our DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) chapter recognized one of our local historical societies with a Historic Preservation Award.  We also went to state conference in Kansas City.  While there we visited the Midwest Genealogical Library and I found a lot of interesting and valuable family information!  I'm hoping to add a few more family patriots this summer!  This term, I'm serving as Regent.  
Our Master Gardener group held the annual plant sale (3 weeks delayed because of rain!!).  It was a great success!  The funds will allow us to award a scholarship, as well as sponsor gardening activities in our community.  We have demonstration gardens and I'll be helping our local Council on Aging plant and maintain their garden this year.
My ombre afghan is coming along.  It's something I work on when I'm on long car rides or in the evening watching television.
We've been enjoying our Grilling Porch this Spring.  
J added the stainless steel sink and counter.  The last component will be a small refrigerator.  This outdoor room is really turning into a favorite spot!
I love being busy and serving others but I'm hoping things will slow down just a bit for Summer!  What have you been up to?   Wishing you a fun-filled Mother's Day!


Monday, April 3, 2017

Birthday Crawfish Boil

Saturday, we hosted our son-in-law's annual birthday crawfish boil.  The last several years, our daughter has hosted this event but this year it was our turn! 

The crawfish were quite large and were shipped in from Louisiana!
Since we don't have any grass yet, the cooking pots were set up in the garage.
The birthday boy was the designated Boil Master.
Tables were covered in the garage as well as our grilling porch. 
Not only were there crawfish to eat but shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes and onions.
We also had red beans and rice, slaw and other snacks!
This is how those young ones ate!  They just stood around the table and ate with their fingers.  Several of us (older) relatives took our meal and ate at another table.  :)
You can tell my great nephew wasn't quite sure about it all!

We even had "crawfish" cake!

Another exciting part of the day came when one of the guests literally flew in on his helicopter!  Since it was also April Fool's Day, we thought the kids were teasing us but they were serious!  This friend is a farmer who does field spraying on the side with his copter.  We really had the neighbors taking when he landed on the back of our property!
Grandma had to take the kids over to welcome him!

We really had a fun afternoon visiting, eating and celebrating!  Hope you had a great weekend, too!:

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