Saturday, May 25, 2019

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Hello, friends!  It's been awhile since I've created a post.  I've been keeping busy with my family and community.  I decided Springtime would be a great time to dive back into the Blogging World so let's see if I can keep it up.

After a rather cool, rainy start to our Spring, my gardens have finally started to awaken.  I wanted to share some of my lovely blooms.  Each one makes me smile!!

The iris are from my mom.  She loved these "old fashioned' iris
and these "bronze" iris she really liked.  They are actually a burgundy color and, although they go nicely with our brick home, aren't exactly my favorites.  I'll be looking to add some new varieties that show a bit more contrast.  All of these have really adjusted well to their new home, though, and I'm so happy about that!  
One new variety I added last year was this one - Damsel in a Dress!  Isn't she lovely?
Here are more shots of my "Secret Garden."  This was the first garden planted with many relocated plants from our old house.  It's on the north side of our new home, a place not easily seen from the road or from the front. 
This is one side of the walkout 
and here is the other side.
The quince has already bloomed but it's blossoms were a cheery coral color.

in another garden, the peony bushes have done well and were gorgeous before all of the rain last week.
I planted this clematis at the end of the season last year and was REALLY rewarded with these spectacular blooms last week!!  The purple really is this vivid!

We've been enjoying our back porch!  This view is looking out toward the old homestead and if you look carefully,
you can see our farmer (renter) putting in his corn crop.
The view from another angle shows the progress on J's woodworking shop.  He will also use it work on his machinery.
The section on the right (with the double door and covered door) will be my potting shed.  We can't wait to get all of our outdoor stuff moved into one shed!  We have it scattered in our garage and in several other out
buildings on the farm.

This little fellow is one of the reasons I've been too busy to blog.  I had the opportunity to babysit from January through April and it was such a blessing AND lots of fun!  It's hard to believe he's already 8 months old.  He really likes his daycare but he still comes to stay at Grammy's and Papa's on Mondays.  :)

Thanks for stopping by to catch up!  I'm wishing you all a wonderful week!

**Please keep in your prayers our Midwest neighbors 
affected by the tornadoes and flooding.**