DIY Projects

Pastel Quilt
I found this material in a  pre-cut 'layer cake' awhile back and loved the pastel colors.  It reminded me of vintage material, and what better material for a quilt?
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A Child's Jeans Apron
Last year a friend shared a project she had undertaken for some of her great nieces and nephews and I thought they were so cute.  All year, I thought about trying to make some myself and have finished my first attempt.  Here's the first one and I wanted to share it on Our Second Hand House's "March Craft Challenge Link Up - Jeans/Clothing" blog crawl. 
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Purple Lattice Quilt
I've been staying in where it's warm and cozy lately.  One of the things keeping me busy is piecing a new quilt.  I started with a plan (from Missouri Star Quilt Company) and some fabric.
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A Wreath for Favorite Son
Our son and his friends enjoy skeet shooting.  Last Christmas, I saw a shotgun shell wreath at a local craft fair and thought Favorite Son would like having this at his apartment for the holidays

Advent Calendars
Whew!  They're done!!!  I can't decide if I had trouble finding inspiration, if I'm a procrastinator or a little of both but I finished them with a few days to spare!
All year, I've wanted to make an Advent Calendar for each family of our young relatives.  Our own kids enjoyed the Hallmark calendar we've had for years and knew these children would too.  It would also be a fun keepsake for these little ones from our family.
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Placemat Pillows
This is so easy, I just had to share it!!

Read how to make these easy pillows here.

Pollinator Bird Bath
I came across this idea during "Pollinator Week," June 16-22.  I have a bird bath in my new butterfly garden but didn't realize my little bees, butterflies and other tiny buzzers needed a special place to take a sip and dip.

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Spring Changes to the Front Porch
Our Front Porch has been a little neglected since I put the Christmas decorations away in January so I decided to add a little color for spring. 

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Wintry Disappearing Nine Patch

Recently, I visited the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO with a friend. She had told me about all their great fabrics and live tutorials and what a place it was!! While there, one of the workers demonstrated how to make a Disappearing Nine Patch. It seemed fast and easy so I decided to give it a try. 

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Afghan for Favorite Son

When Favorite Son was getting ready to graduate from High School last year I told him I'd make him an afghan. It was my last year of teaching and I had other obligations and projects that kept getting in the way. I FINALLY finished it today!! 


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New Use for an Old Crate

I have a thing for ornaments! New, old, large, tiny, elaborate, simple. I LOVE ornaments!! I'll post more on my favorites later this week but now I'd like to share an idea I saw on television several years ago. 
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Shutter Screen Project

I've seen several posts that have used shutters as decorative screens. We have an old house on our farm that belonged to Wonderful Hubby's grandparents. He is in the process of tearing it down and I noticed it still had a few reclaimable shutters.


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