Saturday, October 27, 2018

Finally Fall

Our weather has finally started feeling Fall-like and our trees are turning here in Missouri.  I wanted to check in and wish everyone a cozy and colorful weekend!

These two photos are of the road to our house and our lane.

Behind our home...

Our backyard is another story!  J has started another project.  He is building his workshop and has be been busy burying the water and electric lines.  You can see the concrete slab for the shop in the background. 
He completed this job today and will be burying everything in the next several days.  We hope the framers will be here this coming week to start building.  I have lots of gardening items I hope to store for the winter in my little corner! 
I couldn't resist including a picture of J and our Little Jack!!  
Jack turned 6 weeks old yesterday and is over 10 pounds!

Thanks for stopping for a visit!  I'm wishing you a colorful week!