Tuesday, November 24, 2020

I Spy

One of my Christmas presents for little Jack will be an "I Spy" quilt.  I snagged this idea from KatyQuilts.net. https://katyquilts.net/2020/06/04/i-spy-2/    It's not too complicated and I know I can get it finished before the big day!

I started with these.  There are two of each print.

and sewed them together to form small blocks.

The top is complete, a blue border has been added and it's ready for quilting.

I had this wild animal print in my stash and it was big enough for the backing!  It's almost more fun the the front!  Perfect for an "I Spy" quilt, don't you think?

Now to decide how to quilt it.  Hmmmmm...  any ideas?

                                    Wishing you a great week!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Little Space for Jack

When we built our home four years ago, there was a little square space near the basement stairs that was just right for a little playroom.  We have great nieces and nephews and I saved many of our children's toys for these little relatives to enjoy at our house.  This little playroom was pretty rough with unfinished walls and an old area rug but it gave them a fun spot to play when we hosted family gatherings.  

Now that I spend a lot of time here with our grandson, Jack, I decided to give it a little facelift.  J finished hanging drywall around the stairwell, I taped, primed and painted all of the walls.  I'm not a professional and it's not perfect but I was going for 'better' not perfect.  :)  I forgot to take pictures before we got to the drywall phase but here are some rough before and after photos.  I also primed and painted the concrete walls. The chalkboard is one from my childhood home.  It is an antique slate board my dad brought home after helping demolish an old 
schoolhouse in our hometown.

After priming and painting -

To cover the concrete floors, I ordered a new 8 foot by 10 foot area rug. (Home Depot: Sophia Salle Garnier Gray)   Since the room is a bit bigger than that, I decided to paint the floor the same color as the walls.  (Leftover paint from our bathrooms - Nuance by Sherwin Williams).  I am consider sealing the paint but it's holding up pretty well for now.  
With the addition of the area rug, it looks much better!  
Jack really likes it and that makes this Grammy happy!

We added some tractor and construction equipment decals for the walls at Jack's height.  
Just a few for now.  I'm looking for some posters to frame.  

This little room is starting to look nice and cozy.  
It has lots of fun play space for Jack and his grandparents!

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Enjoying Every Last Minute of the Warm Weather!

We enjoyed a fun morning today with our son, Andy, and our grandson, Jack.  Jack gets to see his Uncle Andy every month or two and he really loves him!  

We started the day feeding the chickens and ducks.  We let the ducks out each morning so they can spend the day at the pond.  Jack gave them a little snack before they headed off.

Next, it was over to the sandbox.  Jack worked in here while Grammy finished cleaning off the rest of the garden.  We placed the sandbox near the garden and raised beds so he and I can work together.

Later that morning, we went to play golf.  J's birthday is tomorrow and since Andy was in town, we decided to play 9 holes.  Jack really enjoyed riding in the cart and running from the cart to the hole.  We used lots of energy during those 2 hours!  This was the first time J played golf since June 10 and he played VERY well!!  He said it felt so good to be back on the course!

We only live 10 minutes from the golf course but Jack didn't make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep!

J said he had a GREAT birthday!  I think I can say we ALL enjoyed the day!

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Monday, November 2, 2020

A Lesson in Being Content at Home

I hope this post finds you safe and healthy.  The pandemic has found its way to our rural section of the Midwest.  Several of our friends and neighbors have been affected - some feeling rotten to some being hospitalized. Whatever one wants to believe or hears on television, we are not nearly over Covid-19 yet.

Lately, I've been feeling very blessed to be able to find contentment at home and I'm wondering if that might be a lesson I can take from this experience.  After retiring, I found a lot of opportunity for volunteer work.  However, the more I did, the more there seemed to do.  I guess that's the way things work.  I remember a wise man once saying, "If you need something done, ask a busy person."  Now that my calendar has been cleared for months, I have found time to do things for myself and my family.  I've remembered what retirement is supposed to be. When this is all over and things start to return to normal, I will do my best to remember this lesson and choose to volunteer for only the things I truly feel called to do.  What have you learned about yourself over these past months?

As the season changes, I'm truly blessed to enjoy these sights from our home and along some of our local roads.

   Mornings from our back porch...

On some of our property that J has been removing brush...

Our farmer reaping a bountiful harvest....

The last of the garden cosmos before a heavy frost....

A beautiful way to spend a Fall evening at home....
I hope you able to find some contentment at home enjoying the simple joys of nature and God's blessings.