Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A Fun February Finish

Our February flew by this year.  I was able to celebrate another birthday in the middle of the month.  A was able to join us.  M and her family hosted the party.  

What fun!

We got tickled while Jeremy was taking our picture because Jack was running 
back and forth in front of us.
Here Jack is trying to be just like Uncle A!  What a pair!!

Later that week, Jack's mom and dad took a ski vacation so Jack stayed with us.  He went to preschool on 
Valentine's Day just for his party.  He got loads of goodies from his friends!

We played Thomas the Tank Train
built LOTS of things with his magnetic tiles,
and played with his favorite Paw Patrol character, Rocky.
We had a LOT of fun!!

When they returned, we headed out for J's annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  He's been playing with this group of guys for several years now.  I go along to enjoy the beach and some reading.  This year my cousin from Maryland came down to keep me company!  We had a really great time visiting, shopping and walking on the beach!  
The weather was nice and mild, perfect for playing golf and beachcombing!

Since we've been home, we are enjoying some warm weather and I'm looking forward to getting in the gardens!  I set out some of my plants that have been overwintering in the shed.  It looks like they are enjoying the bright sunshine!  
The ducks are happy to be on the pond, too!

Wishing you a warm and happy week!

Please join me praying for our Ukrainian friends as they battle to save their homeland and their independence.