Thursday, August 16, 2018

Late Summer Changes

We were up earlier than normal today.  J wanted to play golf with "The Old Grumpys" and they start early during the summer.  After the pups and I wished him off, I realized the foggy morning would make some pretty pictures.  I hurriedly dressed and we went on our morning walk/chores.  Here are some of our views this late summer morning.
 Ranger looking to see if the fish were up yet.
 Our homestead from across the pond.  (Ha!)
Several of our "ladies" were up early, too.
This is how these two play fetch.  Ranger loves the water and 
Sallie tries not get her toes wet!

As hot summer days change to warm autumn afternoons, we are excited to be changing in our roles, as well.  Our Precious Daughter and Son-in-Law are anticipating the arrival of their first child!  J and I are so excited in becoming GRANDPARENTS!  This past weekend, the kids had me take some photos of them and I'll share a few.

 This was taken in their bean field.
Love this one, American Gothic-style!  This is in front of what will be their new home.  Yes, not only are they starting their family, they are building a new home.  We are so lucky that it is just a few miles down the road from us!  Guess we'll get to do a lot of babysitting, huh?!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer!