Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Walk Through My Garden

  Last year's drought really stressed things in my gardens but this spring we've had relatively cool weather and ample amounts of rain.  Here's a sample of how my flowers are looking this year.

  My Stella D'oro lilies are bold and bright!


     The clematis is blooming, as are the hydrangeas!

  I had to replace several of my hydrangeas after last summer.  I went with the Endless Summer variety.  I've had good luck with these in the past.
Guess you can tell I'm partial to my Hydrangeas!!!

   As I round the corner of the house, my day lilies take their turn at blooming. They don't want to be out done by everyone else!

This is a minature petunia. Isn't it pretty!   See the statue of the children in the background?  My teacher friends gave that to me when I retired.  It was the perfect gift  because I had been a remedial reading teacher for the last 12 years, and if you notice, the children are reading!!  It also is a great addition to my 'garden-scape' and something I'll enjoy using in different parts of the yard through the years!


  I'm also an herb grower.  I really like using them in my recipes.  Here are parsley, chervil and mint.
  I also use a lot of thyme, dill, basil and rosemary.  This year I'm also trying sage, tarragon and fennel.  (Well, I don't think fennel is an herb, but it's a new addition to my vegetable garden this year.  If it thrives, I'll give a report about that later.)  I have some of these other herbs in the veggie garden but also like to grow some on the back porch, just outside the kitchen.  I keep my trimming scissors on the herb bench, ready and waiting.

A planter with thyme, tarragon and chives.

   Now to put the camera away and get out the garden clippers.  I think it's time to bring some of these goodies inside to enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by!


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Your flowers and herbs are just beautiful as are your photos. My Endless Summer hydrangea is just now looking good. Has some blue and some pink. First year for that, usually all blue. Must put more acid into the soil..Happy Summer Days..Judy

Louise Black said...

Thanks for taking us on a tour of your Garden :) Love the Pics! Your flowers are Beautiful!