Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Tables and More

When I first started "pinning" and reading decorating and tablescaping blogs about a year ago, I was so captivated and inspired by all the ideas!  I know some of these blogs are written by professionals but it seemed some writers were just like me, newbies who love to learn and experiment with new styles.  I thought, "I could do something like that." 

Well, I've been on this blogging journey about 6 months now and can say it's been a wonderful challenge.  I doubt I'll ever be as interesting or creative as some of you, but that doesn't matter.  I have so much fun joining all of you as we share our experiences and learn from them!

Enough of that!

I've finally put together a couple of fall tables.  (Since our vacation to the Northeast, I've been pretty busy.)  Several of the elements I've used have been collected throughout the year.  When I first decided to attempt this hobby/adventure, one of my goals was NOT to break the bank as I added to my dish/décor collection.  I love your comments about finding great deals at Goodwill/resale shops and on the sales racks of retail stores.  You really can get good deals on pretty things!!  It is also a lot of fun thinking about how you can use and reuse items for different looks.

Here are two different tables using some of the same elements.  The first one would be great for French Onion Soup and sandwiches, the second would make a nice lunch setting for a fall salad. 

I'll share those recipes later this week!


Is it cheating to use the same centerpiece?  Actually, I just found these leaf plates and wanted to use them as I was taking the pictures.  Next time, I'll try and not shoot two tables at one time!!
While I was taking photos, I decided to see how some of my fall decorating looked in pictures.  As I've been practicing my photography, I've noticed how different things look, depending on the angle, lighting, etc.

I've seen lots of people use their old silver trays in their décor.  After rummaging around in the storage closet, I found a few old wedding presents!  And, they had JUST the right amount of 'patina' on them to be stylish!!!  (I doubt they would have found their way out of the closet if I'd had to have cleaned them up!)  They look pretty nice with my mercury glass candlesticks.

Our old Hoosier Cabinet sets the stage for another fall display. I've mixed several old items with new ones.  The white pitcher was my mother's, the little brown teapot bank was my mother-in-law's and the plate was from my husband's neighbor. 

I decided to take the old window that had been up all summer and use it in a different part of our home.  I recovered the burlap wreath with a lighter color burlap that helped it
stand out from the brick.
Have you seen that plate before???  It does double duty on the mantel!  Two other items on this mantel are from Wonderful Hubby.  When we first started dating, he saw the squirrel nutcracker advertised at an auction.  He knew I collected nutcrackers and had his mother bid on it for him.  She was successful and this was first gift he (or was it she?!) gave me.   WH loves to do woodworking when time allows and he made me a pair of those lovely swirled candle holders.  The swirls go in opposite directions!  Sometime I'll use both of them in a post.

Don't you just love the hedgehog?   His bristles are made of little sticks all cut at an angle.  No hibernation for this fellow; I use him a lot during the fall and winter!  The lantern was used by my great Granny.  Mom told me she remembered Granny cleaning it every night. 
I added the plate just the other day.  With Thanksgiving on the way, it's a good time to take stock of the blessings in our lives and I thank God everyday for a loving family, good health and great friends.
I'm finding this blogging adventure to be fun and challenging!  I appreciate you stopping by and joining me!  Wishing you a wonderful week!
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Charla said...

I love patina on your trays!! I have some just like that. LOL I hope fall lasts for a while. Winter may be bad this year, according to some.

Unknown said...

I think you're doing a great job so far. I love the tablescapes and the silver trays. I found a bunch at my local Goodwill this past weekend, but of course, I only bought one--sigh. Have a great week! Dee :)

My Garden Diaries said...

You really have a knack for this friend! My goodness are you talented! I must say that your cabinet with your fall display is gorgeous..I mean it looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalogue! Keep up the good work ..I can not wait to see what you do for Christmas!!!

Unknown said...

Your pumpkins are beautiful! I love your leaf plates, as well, and your entire post is loaded with inspiration. I enjoyed my visit! I found you at Tablescape Thursday.
His blessings,
Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates (a sister-newby)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Congrats on your first 6 months. Bogging is an interesting world. Love your green goblets and fall leaf plates. Love the green pumpkin elevated ion a cake stand. Your platters look lovely in your hutch...and the squirrel nutcracker -- too cute! Joni

Rosie M. said...

It is so nice to meet a "newbie blogger". I just started in Sept. and have enjoyed every minute, but there are challenges! Every week I am amazed at how much fun it is to look at my inventory and try to decide what will combine to make a pretty table. You are doing a wonderful job and I love the colors and textures you have combined. Good luck with your adventure! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch