Sunday, November 9, 2014

Michigan 2014

We had a great trip to Michigan earlier this fall.  There were lots of wineries, lake views and local landmarks to enjoy.

We drove along the coast of Lake Michigan from the southwest side of the state to Escanaba on the west side of the Lake, then south through Wisconsin. 

The western part of Michigan must be great for grape growing because there were LOTS of wineries!   

The wines were very good and we enjoyed learning all about the different types and tasting several. 

Wine wasn't the only thing available in Michigan tasting rooms.
One of the tasting rooms was a chocolate garden!

What a great idea!!

These purses have one purpose - to hold your wine bottle when you travel!

Enjoying Michigan wines together!

We took a side trip to Grand Rapids and visited the Gerald Ford Museum

I had to include a tablescape from the Ford Museum

Grand Rapids was also home to LOTS of microbreweries.  We found several that we thought were very good.  Here was WH enjoying some fine ale!

Several days were spent in the Petoskey area.  There were wineries, golf courses and even some bike riding!

One of the golf courses Wonderful Hubby wanted to play was The Bear near Traverse City.  He was paired with a nice man, Al, who was a retired doctor.  His wife, Arlene, and I drove our golfers through the course.

Petoskey was a pretty town with shops, eateries and LOTS of great lake views.

Our motel had a lovely view of Lake Michigan.  The sky was cloudy most of our time there but it didn't rain much.

We played another golf course, Springbrook Golf Club.  This was a quaint but pretty little course.

It just happened that the county fair was in town while we were in Petoskey.

 We HAD to stay for the cattle show!

Beautiful scenery on our bike ride along Lake Michigan.

As we traveled north from Petoskey, we happened upon this roadside organic farm.  Besides fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, it also had a winery and brewery. 

Someone suggested we take a scenic drive through the Tunnel of Trees on Michigan Hwy 119.  Although these photos were taken from the car, this highway was one of the prettiest drives we made!

Near the northern end of M-119 we discovered a quirky Polish restaurant, the Legs Inn, at Cross Village.  It's unusual décor, gorgeous outdoor seating and delicious authentic Polish cuisine made this place a true gem!

I have no idea what this is supposed to be!?

This grape vine was painted to look like a snake.

An unusual piano bench.
We opted to eat outside in their beautifully landscaped garden.
Continuing the quirky décor to the gardens, there was a divider that displayed the seven continents of the world.  Isn't it pretty?
A lovely place to dine!!
We crossed the Mackinac Bridge and drove along the southern part of the Upper Peninsula.  This area was more rugged than the lower part of MI. 
Our plans didn't include staying in the Upper Peninsula this year so we drove to Escanaba, MI for the evening.  The next day, we entered Wisconsin and enjoyed driving through dairy country!  Actually, we got lost looking for one family dairy but enjoyed the detour!  Yes, we ended up finding it and bought several different types of cheeses including those famous cheese curds!
Oshkosh was on the sight seeing list so we headed to this fun and interesting city.  Our first stop was the EAA Airventure Museum which featured many examples of experimental aircraft.  This huge museum traces the history of aircraft development and houses many of these actual planes.  This would be a great place for a school field trip!!
Next day, we toured the Oshkosh Public Museum, which is housed in Lumber Baron Edgar and his wife Mary Jewell Sawyer's home.  This beautiful Victorian home is situated on Oshkosh's Historic District and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  The museum features history about local Native Americans as well as European immigrants.
The gardens outside were gorgeous.
The home itself had several surprising features.  Lovely fireplace mantels,
The beautifully carved Apostils' Clock
which puts on quite a show every hour,
an ornately carved staircase
 an stunning Tiffany interior windows!  The first one, at the landing of the staircase
and this one, which has been moved to the entrance area. 
 Such treasures!
Later that day we continued South to Madison and toured Wisconsin's state capitol.  Hourly tours helped us enjoy the beautiful building's history and artwork.
Here are some of the highlights.  The capitol has lots of stained glass skylights.  Even thought it was a cloudy and rainy day, they helped lighten the halls. 
This place was another Wisconsin treasure!
After all that touring, we needed a snack!  We found this great Irish pub just outside the capitol and enjoyed this plowman's lunch.  Wonderful Hubby like the ale so much (New Belgium's Wild Dubbel ale), I think he's getting some for his birthday!
We finished our vacation watching a minor league baseball game in Beloit, Wisconsin!
Unfortunately, the Snappers lost to the Quad Cities River Bandits 5-2 but we had a fun time and even came home with a bobble head honoring a local supporter, George Spelius!
Here are a few extra photos.  Another great trip!  Wonder where we'll go next??



My Garden Diaries said...

What an outstanding outstanding trip!!! Holy cow!! You all did so much and your photographs are beautiful! I know where to go when I want some trip ideas!! I love that shot of the barn and how awesome that you were able to visit the organic farm! Here is to the next trip friend! Happy week to you! Nicole xoxoxo

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Yes my goodness what a trip you had. I'm so glad that you had a good time. I love all your photos too and thanks so much for sharing them.

Thanks too for the well wishes on my 2 year blog anniversary. Take care.


The Charm of Home said...

What a great trip! I so love that chocolate quote!!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Wow you were right near me on your visit to Michigan. I'm in Traverse City and we have lots of wineries around the area these days. You visited some beautiful areas. The tunnel of trees is a pretty drive. I was up in Petoskey when they had the Fair but didn't visit it. Isn't that a beautiful town with fabulous views! Looks like you had a very nice trip and saw some great things!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...
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