Monday, April 12, 2021

Little Signs of Spring

 Our spring weather has been a bit of a tease this year.  Lovely, warm temperatures are followed by cooler weather.  We've had quite a bit of rain during the last several weeks, too, but it's apparent the seasonal page has turned.

Jack and I took a walk around the property today.  It was a beautiful sunny day so come on along!

We started at the pond feeding the fish.  Well, we tried to feed the catfish but the only ones interested today were the bluegill.  Jack was a bit disappointed.  I guess the catfish are still hiding out on the bottom.

As we strolled around the house, we found little signs of spring in the gardens.
Jack checked out the garden faucet in my Secret Garden before spying the blooming bleeding heart.

Early blooming daffodils and grape hyacinth (muscari) are in the front bed near the front door.


The candytuft mounds are at their peak right now!  They survived the winter well.

The iris, hostas lilies and hydrangeas are all spouting and greening up.  I'm looking forward to their colorful blooms!  Until then, I'm enjoying these other little signs of spring!  How are things looking in your neighborhood?

Thanks for joining us on our walk today.  Enjoy your week!




Kim said...

How wonderful for you to witness Jack's delight in seeing the spring blooms pop up. I remember when my girls were tiny the wonder of them seeing and understanding nature for the first time. Maybe next time those catfish will rise to the surface to see Jack. It won't be long till your gardens are in full bloom.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It looks as if spring has sprung Zenda. You have such pretty spring flowers growing and so nice to show it to Jack! Thanks for the blog visit and have a nice week.

Catherine said...

Hi Zenda, ages since I commented. It is so good to see all these signs of Spring. The daffodils have been amazing this year as has the fruit tree blossom. However it ha been so cold and even snowed so not sure how much fruit there will be. There is a truly wonderful feeling as it looks as if we are emerging from the awful Covid. Fingers crossed.

Creationsbycindy said...

I just can't hardly believe how quickly he is growing up. I remember when he was just an infant. My mercy! That boy got him a head full of hair doesn't he? Beautiful child. Hugs an blessings to you my friend. Cindy

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