Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Trip to Argentina

Last summer we had the opportunity to visit Argentina.  We went with several relatives and friends on a dove hunt near Cordoba at the Sierra Brava Lodge and my, were we treated royally!

The lodge was an old railroad depot that has been lovingly remodeled.  There were several rooms in the main lodge and a couple more in an adjacent building. 

Since Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, we enjoyed cool winter weather.  It was so nice because the weather at home last summer was incredibly hot and dry.  It was quite refreshing to experience 40 degree temperatures in the middle of that awful heat wave!!  Unfortunately, we weren't able to enjoy the swimming pool this trip.  I'll share more about the accommodations later. 

Our husbands enjoyed dove hunting each of the 4 days of our stay.  The doves are quite numerous there.  In fact, we were told the dove population had increased dramatically in recent years due to clearing woodlands for farming.  Changing the environment has been perfect for dove habitat and now there are more doves than ever in this area.  Some estimates exceed 5 million!  I won't spend any more time on that aspect of our trip except to show that Wonderful Hubby (as well as the other fellows) had a great time doing their thing.

Happy Hubby!

While the guys were busy, we ladies relaxed at the lodge reading, napping, hiking, sitting in the sauna and visiting with each other!  We even enjoyed a massage one day!!

The highlight for me, though, was the day we took a trip to some of the historic churches in the area.  Our driver/guide was one of our favorite staff members who spoke very good English!!  We visited 2 churches and each had a small museum documenting the Spanish Catholic influence on the area.  The day was fun and quite informative!  Here are a few of the pictures I took on the trip.

This is Jesuit Estancia of Santa Catalina near Cordoba, Argentina.  Even though photos were not allowed inside the chapel, we did tour the interior and it was stunning!  This complex was a Jesuit missionary training facility as well as a working farm.  I believe they raised donkeys needed on the nearby silver trail.  It was constructed in the early 1700's.


We ladies stopped to pose a minute on the chapel steps.  

The next church we visited was Estancias Jesus Maria, also near Cordoba.

Back at the lodge, we ladies did get to experience a bit of  the wilderness.  The staff prepared a meal for us in the outback with our hubbies one day!  What a spread it was!!

Here's Wonderful Hubby with his cousin who organized this whole adventure. 

The accommodations were wonderful.  Most of the rooms had 2 beds. 

I know it's a little tacky to show this is, but women usually appreciate a nice bathroom more that men and ours was quite nice!!

The common areas were also comfortable.  The dining area is pictured below. 

And what fun and outstanding meals we enjoyed!!!  One of the ladies in our party celebrated her birthday during the trip.  She and her husband had visited the lodge before.  The staff had a great time helping her celebrate her big day.  She's the one in the colorful hat!!

She was even serenaded by two outstanding musicians!! What a treat that was!!  And speaking of TREATS ...  here was her birthday cake!

Yes, that's a spun sugar ball on top!  They had a fabulous chef preparing the meals! 

Another evening we had a custard with more spun sugar garnish....

And then there was the crème Brulee ...

Oh, my!!!

Good times with good friends!

We had a wonderful time in Argentina!  The people were so warm and engaging!  We really felt we got to know them!!  It was a bit hard to say goodbye!

I hope you enjoyed tagging along with me on our trip to Sierra Brava Lodge, Cordoba, Argentina!!

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Haddock said...

Lovely pictures and lovely churches. Like the empty spaces in the church.

Noel Morata said...

wow that's quite an event and gathering...looks like a nice indulging vacation with amazing food and desserts!

Leslie said...

Argentina is on our bucket list of spots to travel. Your photos are fantastic! I would have enjoyed touring the churches .. and my husband would have enjoyed dove hunting!

Marisol@TravelingSolemates said...

Cordoba looks beautiful. Looked like you had an amazing trip. I love you photos of the church and the food! I've only been to Buenos Aires. I'd love to go back and explore more of the country.

The Tablescaper said...

This looks like a surprisingly special adventure.

Wonderful to have you be a part of "Oh, the PLACES I've been!"

- The Tablescaper