Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amish Country

Last week several of us traveled to Amish country in Pike County, Missouri.  One of the ladies in our group lived in the area for several years and acted as our tour guide.  There had been a threat of rain all week but the day turned out to be cool and clear.  The perfect kind of day for a ride in the country!

The Amish community was preparing for their annual school auction the following day so there was lots of activity.  Many people, both young and old, were out in their buggies transporting their auction items to the field where the event was to take place.  This community has several schools and they are all supported financially from the proceeds of this auction. 

I wanted to be respectful of the Amish.  They dislike having their pictures taken.  I tried not to get any photos with people. 

This is the site for the auction.  According to our guide, the auction is quite the event and lots of people in both the Amish and surrounding communities attend.  Her husband has purchased several quilts for her in past years.

Although not in session the day of our visit, here are photos of two of their schools.

We visited several stores selling a variety of items. 
There were a couple of groceries...

... a general store ...

Loved these handmade baskets! They came in lots of sizes and shapes!

Tablescaping material!!

Those iconic hats and shawls!

... a nursery ...

This greenhouse is heated with a wood stove.  The lady said when we had the severe cold weather early this spring, her husband had to get up several times each night to be sure the fire was still burning in the stove.

... a fabric store...

She also had dishes and a few finished items for sale.

Aren't these dolls precious.  They reflect the Amish tradition of humility and not reproducing personal faces on photos, drawings or dolls.
Here's what I chose.  I'm think these will make a cute baby quilt!  Love the tiny ducks!  The fabric on the right was just plain pretty!  Maybe I can use it with scraps from the baby quilt.
... and a bakery! ...

Yes, there were originally six fresh doughnuts!  (Guilty) They also had lots of pies and breads available, too.
We enjoyed seeing their homes and farms.

I liked the way they hung their curtains.

One of us made a new friend, too!
It was a great day in Amish Country!  Thanks for tagging along!
Now to work on that baby quilt with my beautiful new fabric, make some fresh cookies using my Pollyanna flour and enjoy some delicious homemade sweet cherry preserves!! 


My Garden Diaries said...

I have always been fascinated with the Amish. Your photos in this post taught me a lot about how they simply and good if you ask me. And Yes those dolls are adorable with their little booties! I also liked all of the handmade items like the baskets and of course the nursery. Thanks for sharing this friend....looked like a wonderful day! Oh and the fabric is perfect! Nicole xoxo

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

I enjoyed this tour..I think my personal favorite is the shot with all of those lovely lamps on the top shelf in one of the stores :)

Smokey said...

Great photographs! I love the orderliness of their farms and life styles. I am going to have to call you for driving directions. I have never been to this community. Thanks for sharing! Your veg. Garden looks fantastic!