Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tornado 2015

We've had a lot of rain these last few weeks but the storm that came through last Saturday evening was the worst! 

Wonderful Hubby and I had just started our dinner when I noticed the sky getting unusually dark.  The chickens were still out and I thought I'd better try to get them up before it started raining. 

Those little ladies (and gents) had already roosted above our rabbit cages and didn't seem interested in getting into their coop.  It was then that I noticed a faint roar to the South, toward our little town of Hawk Point.  We live just East of town, out in the country.  It sounded like machinery running in the distance.

For a second I wondered if it was a tornado but decided it was just heavy rain and I'd better leave the ladies and head to the house.  I was getting pretty wet by the time I made it to the garage. 

The wind had really picked up so I closed the garage door to keep the dogs safe and dry.  Sallie ran out before I realized it.  Once inside, the wind literally screamed through the door I'd just closed.  I went to the back porch door to look for her and saw our patio furniture fly off the porch!  As the electricity went out, WH yelled for us to head to the basement.  He said he just saw Sallie fly by the window.  I thought he meant she was racing toward the walkout basement door where she usually comes in if there's a storm.  No, he said, she was FLYING!  Oh, my!! 

As soon as we made it to the bottom of the stairs, the storm was over!  I can honestly say I do not remember hearing anything after the screaming wind at the garage door but we knew it was over.  We ran to the walk out door and opened to find limbs, furniture and roofing shingles everywhere.  We called and called and within a few seconds, Sallie came running from the woods.  She must have been blown past the door 40 yards into the woods!  We were so relieved that she wasn't injured, just so glad to see us!  Champ was still safe in the garage.

After walking around, assessing the damage, I'm happy to report ALL of the dogs, rabbits, chicken and humans survived unscathed!!!

I'm including several pictures of the damage around our home.

The biggest loss we sustained was to the tree in the front yard.  What a shock it was to see it split in half from the wind!
It took out a good portion of the fence, as well.
We're thinking the whole tree will have to come down now.  What a shame!

Our loss is relatively small compared to our town neighbors.  This storm, which has been labeled an EF1 tornado, started just South of town, taking out one farmer's machine shed before it entered Hawk Point.  About 30 homes were damaged, many trees were uprooted or broken and one business was demolished.  We thank God NO ONE was injured! 
 Like many small towns, Hawk Point is made up of a community of people both in town and the surrounding countryside.  It's a rural farming community with small town values.  Immediately afterward, people started checking on one another and cleaning up.  Within 24 hours, our little town had the electric back on, roofs covered and the streets cleared. 
A friend, Brenda Bryant, shared her photos and thoughts on her Facebook page, including how proud she was of her little town.  "...the part that makes me so proud is all the people out in the streets helping neighbors cut down damaged trees and pick up branches."
"I just got in from spending four and half hours on the other side of town where we cleaned up that section. I walked home and there were people on my side of town helping their neighbors with their trees."  
Our mayor and aldermen were out helping Saturday night and all day Sunday.
We were so lucky that no one was hurt.  Although it was a mess and for some, great financial loss, we will come out of this stronger. 
WH and I continue to clear away our part of the storm this week. 
We're hoping to have everything presentable for a party we're hosting THIS Saturday. 
We'll take this rainbow we saw last night as a promise for fairer weather!
 Thanks for stopping by and reading about our "excitement."   It's truly amazing how your life can change in an instant!
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Julie's Lifestyle said...

Wow I am so glad that you are all ok! That must of been so scary and yes things can change in a minute!

barbara woods said...

so glad you were safe , lots of damage . I hate tornado's we have had a few hit our town here in Ga.

Catherine said...

Thank goodness you are all safe and sound.You must have been worrying about your poor dog.

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh my! Thanking God for His mighty provision of safety! That is so scarey. A few years back a storm came up like that in my neck of the woods and it came up in a hurry too. Long story short...family members two houses down was hit with a tornado. Lots of damage to our property but their home was damaged and family members could so easily have been harmed. We cannot predict what the weather will truly do can we? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Gentle Joy said...

What a blessing to have come through such a storm! I love the account of how people are helping others in the aftermath of this... that is so precious! I found you after you visited my blog and commented on my There's A Storm Coming post. I am glad to have found your blog and will now be following your blog. :)

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh my goodness friend........I am so glad that no one was hurt from the tornado. And I'm so sorry to hear about your tree.....though I was relieved after reading this that none of your animals were hurt. Just so scary. I remember my mom telling me about the tornado she was in and how it sounded like that as well. I have no doubt that you will get all of that cleaned up in no time. You have the best attitude and how amazing to see your town come together like this to help each other. Made me smile to know that there are good folks out there lending a hand! Hang in there buddy! Thinking of you!!! Nicole xoxo

The Charm of Home said...

That is scary! So glad no one was hurt! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!